конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Марія Юріївна Сталинська, конкурсна робота № 1.
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  • The most famous (and my parents favourite one) Ukrainian proverb is «Live and learn». When I have heard it for the first time I was a little girl and I was shocked. Truly speaking, I was thinking that school would give me all important skills for my future life and there would be nothing to learn. When I realized that learning is that process which would follow me all my life, I was a little disappointed. My thoughts were: «Learning and learning and learning again. It is boring to death to go to school every day. And I have to learn all my pathetic life. But how about unforgettable journeys, crazy parties and other different challenges? » But I had no choice and I had to put up with all this and just go to school. So, only now I understand that I really lоve to learn and visit school and these years are the best in my life. What finally has helped me to understand it? Without any shadow of the doubt my English teacher and her unforgettable lessons. This person has really changed my life. She is the best teacher and she inspires me. Her every lesson is something special and unforgettable. This teacher explains so clearly and understandable that I guess even plants in our room can understand her. And now I would like to write more about one of the best English lesson in my life. It was in September. We had a very interesting topic. It is called «Stories». During last lessons, we were discussing different kinds of films and learning new words. We had a very simple task after that: just to read and understand the story. My teacher said, that she had prepared a very interesting task for us for the next lesson. For the first time, I was thinking that it was very usual task for special lesson. But this story was really deadly interesting. While I was reading it, I was on the edge of my seat. So, I was ready for this special lesson. My teacher changed our homework in a very interesting and creative way. So, at the beginning of my favourite lesson, she just asked us to act the story out, which we had read at home. She divided us in groups and gave about 5 minutes for preparing. My group and I made a really good job. Our play was the best and we had a lot of fun. After such interesting checking our homework, my teacher started to explain quite difficult grammar topic. It was about the difference between Past Perfect, Past Simple and Past Continuous and in which situations we should use these tenses. As I have mentioned, this teacher has a real talent for explaining material, so everybody understood the difference. Then we did some grammar tasks. Then we had very interesting discussion. We tried to guess the name of the film or book and tell the content of it just only by looking at the picture. Some films and books we didn’t know, so we just improvised. After that we read the real short content of these books and films. There were a lot of new words… Unfortunately, the bell rang and this brilliant lesson came to the end. But I have learned a lot of new from it and it was very helpful for me.