конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Світлана Ткачук, конкурсна робота № 107.
  • Миколаївська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №52 Миколаївська область
  • The most memorable lesson in my life Hello! I am a pupil of 9-A class at school №52 in Mykolaiv. The school plays an important role in my life. English is one of my favorite lessons at school. Why? On this lesson we read new texts and discuss many interesting problems. We have a lot of speaking in English. We also read texts from our textbook. During the lesson we write sentences on the blackboard, learn grammar rules and do exercises. I never get bad marks at this lesson because I always prepare my homework well. We spend much time at home to improve our English. But one lesson was the most memorable for me. It took place in the middle of my last school year. The theme of the lesson was "I am found of music". So our lesson was about music as the most inscrutable art in our life. The motto of our lesson was ''Music makes our life brighter and happier". The lesson started from the listening of A Chopin Waltz. Poem was sounding against the background of that beautiful music. We putted the purpose and the main idea of the lesson by asking to different questions. Our purpose was to know more about music, to differ music genres, to develop our speaking skills on this theme and to find out how important music in our lives. And the main idea of the lesson was: ''Can one day of our lives be possible without music?'' It was interesting to know opinions of my classmates, some of them surprised me. Galina Mykolaivna prepared special tables for us and it was very useful for us. We listened to interesting text about Mozart Effect and then had to ask some questions on it. We came to the conclusion that music is important for everyone whether you are a child, an adult or an old people. Then we repeated the lexical material. We had to spread the word on the board on nouns, adjectives associated with the music and the name of the musical instruments and then to check our knowledge. We discussed the British musical programs for teenagers and genres of music. We listened to blues, country, rock'n'roll, heavy metal, reggae, rap and classical music and differed one genre from other. And then Galina Mykolaivna told us to join into the groups of four to create and show our own musical group. For example, my group was ''Rock Bears''. We told our classmates about our members, musical instruments, planes and offered them to join us. Every group presented them worthy. And then the teacher asked us to feel comfortable and invited us to the Celine Dion concert. We watched for video with her famous song ''My heart will go on'' from Titanic. And then was the most interesting part of our lesson. It was a real surprise for my classmates. Celine Dion was special guest on our lesson. I was Celine Dion. I told my classmates about myself, my biography and planes for future. And they took an interview. I felt myself just like an actress. I will never forget that feeling. It was cool! We calculated our points and came to the conclusion that lesson was really great, that we listened to good music and that music is our life! Everyone got a good mood and good experience from this lesson and came out smiling. The theme of the lesson was interesting for me because I really found of music. It was a lesson that changed my life because I felt myself very confidence and I understood that I got a good level of English thanks to English lessons and to diligence of my teacher. Every lesson is good in its own way but this lesson was more than good. It was the best in my life! Our homework was to write the text about our favorite song. I came at home, turned on the music and started to enjoy it and then wrote the text about the song which correspond to the state of my heart and soul.