конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Владислав Петрушинець, конкурсна робота № 109.
  • Чернігівський колегіум№ 11 Чернігівська область
  • Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to take part in the contest “The Best English Lesson”.My name is Vlad Petrushinets. I live in Chernigiv. I study in collegium#11. I am in the 6-Б form. I learn different subjects. I am fond of Mathematics, History and Biology, but my favourite is English. My teacher`s name is Prokchorenko Iryna Vasylivna. She is smart and creative. Our lessons are great fun. We read and write and listen to short texts, sing songs, watch videos, play games. I would like to describe one of the lessons. Topic: People I Love Objectives: Vocabulary: describing people (appearance/character) Reading: an article about a famous person (reading for gist) Listening: monologues (listening for specific information) Speaking: describing family members or friends Writing: an article about family members or friends Materials: CD, Photos of family members, friends or celebrities. Procedure: 1 Warm –up Teacher reads out the title of the unit. Asks Ss to look at the pictures and say how the title is related to the pictures (family members, friends and celebrities are all people we love.) 2 Vocabulary Teacher presents the words next to the pictures Ss translate them into Ukrainian. Explain any unknown words. . Listen and repeat. Black, blond, dark, fair hair, curly, long, short, straight hair, shaved head, beard, moustache, blue, brown, green eyes. Character: kind, clever, funny, honest, smart, brave, energetic, talented, polite, patient 3 Listening a) T explains the task. Reads out the prompts. Explains any unknown words. b) Plays the CD.Ss listen and choose the words. Checks Ss` answers. John: My name is John and I`m tall and slim. I`ve got short brown hair and brown eyes. I`ve also got a beard and moustache. c) Chose a person and describe him/her to your partner. John is tall and slim. He`s got…….hair,………eyes and a…… d) Make the words (1-4) to the meanings (a-d), then make sentences. T reads out the words. Explains that the words describe people`s character. Helps Ss match the adjectives to their definitions, explaining any by giving an example. Ss make complete sentences. 1 kind a always tells the truth 2 clever b is quick to understand things 3 funny c wants to help people 4 honest d can make people laugh 4 In pairs, talk about the members of your family or friends, as in the example. A: What does your mother look like? B: She`s tall and slim with blond hair and blue eyes. A: What is she like? B: She is kind. She always wants to help people. Ss in pairs act out similar dialogues. Checks Ss ` answers around the class, asks some pairs to act out their dialogues. 5 Reading for gist. Goes through the study skills box with students .Points out that they can usually get a good idea of what a paragraph is about by reading the first sentence. a) Look at the title of the article and read the first sentence of each paragraph. Which paragraph… 1 is about Ben`s free time activity? 2 tells us the person`s name, job, nationality, where they live. 3 is about the writer`s feelings? 4 is about Ben`s appearance and character? b) Read again and say five sentences about Ben Affleck. 7 Use the plan to talk about the person you admire. Plan Para1 Name: Para2 Appearance Para3 Free time activities: Para4 What do you think of her/him? Ss use the information to talk about people. 8 Write an article about the person you admire for your school magazine. Use the plan. I am enclosing the articles together with the plan. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Vlad Petrushinets.