конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Ірина Козловська, конкурсна робота № 114.
  • ССЗШ№5 Львівська область
  • My English lesson I am the eighth-grader this year so my curriculum is quite difficult. We study about different important things, for example, mass media, ways of communication, law. This month we are learning about ecology. To me mind, this theme is important as we face a lot of environmental problems. But this topic is difficult, too, because we have to learn mane words, special terms. We learn not only English but Geography, Biology a bit Chemistry in English. I want to describe one of our lessons devoted to this theme, it is called “The Environment”. At first, when the lesson started, we said “Hello” to a teacher and the teacher greeted us too. Then, we repeated our new words, worked on them. We explained their meanings in English made our own sentences with them. In fact our lesson consisted not only of words. We discussed ecology. Our teacher asked about what is it one student. This student had to answer all questions, which the teacher asked and if the child did not know the answer, the teacher asked another student. All students (there are 11 children in our group) could say something about ecological problems. Then we described different pictures about ecological problems. I liked this activity, because I can know something new, study how to describe something. I think that, our group likes creating dialogues. This time our dialogues were about pollution of rivers. First we listened to the dialogue in the Student Book, after that we composed our own dialogues and presented them to the class. At last we checked our homework. Our homework is different every time. We can add words, write texts, make questions. In our Work Books we do not do all exercises, study some for homework. This time we had to complete the sentences and choose the correct word. After checking exercises we played a game. Our game was very interesting. We divided into teams and thought about different ideas how to solve the problems of ecology. I liked this game, because the clean environment is very important. So, at the end of the lesson we wrote our homework. All in all, I like English lessons, because they are very interesting and I can find out really useful information.