конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Яна Мороз, конкурсна робота № 122.
  • Милівська ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів Херсонська область
  • Topic: Famous Sportsmen of Ukraine

    Aim: to repeat and to  lash vocabulary topic

              to  teach pupils to work in groups

              to improve the technic of reading

              to train students at listening

              continue to develop communicative skills of students.

              to cultivate patriotism and honest to famous compatriots.

    Equipment: textbook, exercise – book, the list of cards for work in groups ( HO) Multi – media board and electronic bearer of information, ring.

    Motion of lesson

         At the start of the lesson our teacher and we to greet each other.

         Examples: How are you?

                           Fine, thanks, and how are you?

                           I’m all right. Take your seats.

         After that teacher say our topic and aim of our lessons.

         T: We will speak about famous sportsman of Ukraine and today you’ll know more facts about talented Ukrainian sportsmen who brought fame to our country.

        After announce of topic and aim of our lesson our teacher to check on homework ( It may be different kind of task ( Example in chain we are reading our completed sentences may be words and word – combinations, it may be put the verbs in brackets into correct tense or voice form, it may be to make up a dialogues and so on. Students one by one reading their home task.

        After that our teacher put up us in one line and first students say “ Clever”, second “ Brilliant” and so on. In such way she devide us into two groups.

        First group ex. “ Clever” go to the blackboard and stay in circle. Opposite them stay the group “ Brilliant”.

    “ Clever” ask the different questions opposite student and after that the signal of the teachers ring, students to cross to another student in circle and give their answers.


    ( Cards)

    1. Do many people go in for sport in our country?

    2. What kind of sport are you interested in?

    3. What famous football players are you curious about?

    4. What famous sportsman do you want to know about?

    5.Who is your favourite sportsman? What do you know about his/ her life?

    6. Do you watch him/ her play at the stadium or on TV?

    7. What games ( matches) were you impressed with?

    In such way we have “ Brainstorming”. We sat down in commands in different desks.

         Next task we had pronunsiation ( Vocabulary point).

         Next task we had project “ My favourite sportsman”. We  saw the multi – media presentation “ Famous Ukrainian Sportsman”. On the black boards our teacher wrote the mind – map to the topic “ Famous Ukrainian Sportsman” and said to us to complete it. For example: Volodymyr Klychko – boxing Sergiy Bubka – pole vault, Andriy Shevchenko – football, Podkopayeva – gymnastics and so one. If the member one of another group to write right association on the blackboard the teacher give him/ her yellow smile ( Card).

        After the we read about our famous sportsmen after this task we had post – reading activity ( HO). We were  working in groups. Members of each group first and second ask the questions for the facts from text about Klychko and another members of group try quickly to answer on them. Teacher gave one smile for right answer. Group which got more smiles get the win.

        That to improve our speaking skills students in pairs speaking about they favourite sportsman 5 – 6 minutes. At the and of the work three or four students report at front of class. The teacher is checking up their speaking answers.

        That to improve our grammar skills we had exercise with the using of 2 – nd Conditionals.

        Complete the sentences.

    1. If I were you, I…;

    2. If you trained better, you …;

    3. If you were a sport fan, you …;

    4. If we arrived five minutes earlier we …;

    5. If we had a gym at our school, we …;

    6. If I had money, I …;


        Write a letter to your friend about your favourite kind of sport.

        Summarizing. Dear students your answers were brilliant today, you’d coped with all your tasks. Our lesson coming to the and it’s time to put your marks.