конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анастасія Валеріївна Юрчук, конкурсна робота № 125.
  • загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №32 Херсонська область
  • Our English lesson Our English lesson is fantastic for us We devote our full time to class The teacher works as a bee with us Books, copybooks, worksheets, comics, thus We will speak English fast We have two lessons of English a week. We would like to have more, but that`s just dreams. They are not the same each time. of course, we check the home task, read and answer the questions, make dialogues. It`s our favourite activity. Every time we try to imagine different situations and perform in front of the class what we would say. We also listen to the audio quite often. It`s not really easy, but we understand that it`s useful. The lesson we want to describe was about eating traditions in different countries. We started with brushing-up. A pupil told about his or her meals and we tried to guess what meal was it: breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. That was not very difficult. Then we decided whose meal was healthy and what food to avoid. After that we were busy with preparing for a party. First we had to do some shopping. We made a list of things to buy. The choice of products in the nearest shop was not very big and we discussed which food was necessary. The children spent much time doing that. We didn`t have much money. We asked the shop assistant many questions. Moreover, we had to think about all that “how much” and “how many”. At the end each group presented their meals. One more task was really interesting. We played with a dice and a table showing different things. We should ask questions using the names of these things. Every time the group won or lost a point whether the question was correct or not. Reading was not usual that time. First we listened to the text and practiced unknown words. The text was about Ukrainian cuisine. Then we read in turns. We tried our best to sound correct. After reading it was time to relax and do some exercises. We like that activity, every lesson a new pupil suggests what exercises to do. A short performance is shown each time. The last part of the lesson was to make own texts about English traditional meals. We got pictures with names of the meals, their usual time. We made sentences in chain and put them in our exercise-books. All who wanted added any information. The home task was to make a short story about eating habits in our families. That lesson we all got very high marks and, of course, we were satisfied. In addition, we want to say that we`re lucky because we learn English with the help of Click On student`s and workbooks. There is also a video and an audio books. In conclusion one more poem, this time in Ukrainian. Гучно лунає дзвоник. З цікавістю чекаємо наш новий англійський урок. Про погоду поговорим і домашнє розберем. Один з одним обговорим новий діалог чи текст. Трохи в зошиті попишем, кісточки ми розімнем. Аж ось підійшов до кінця наш урок, Зробивши в англійській малесенький крок. P.S. I cannot understand why it`s impossible to add any photo or picture