конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Олександр Чабаненко, конкурсна робота № 126.
  • I like every English lesson. English is my favorite school subject. Each lesson brings me a lot of new information and knowledge. We study grammar, complete a lot of exercises to improve our skills, learn funny poems and new vocabulary, complete dialogues and perform them in class, play games, which make us communicate with each other in English and have many other activities which help us to study this language. Each lesson is special and has its own features, so it will be rather difficult for me to choose the most interesting one but I’ll try. As it is well-known 2016 year was announced the year of English language. Since then we had a lot of events in our gymnasium concerning this fact. During the week of English language in our gymnasium our group performed several humorous sketches. It was the most interesting lesson. I remember how we taught the words of our characters, made decorations and disguised ourselves in character’s costumes; we almost became them. And when you are on stage and you see a lot of people in front of you, strange thoughts visit you: « What if I say something wrong? » or something else like that. But all they disappear when you act and at the end of performance people applaud you. These feelings and sense of joy and fun cannot be described. Even when you transform into the character, you surprisingly develop their diction, speaking rate and accelerate the translation of words in your head. It was great experience, and I remember all words of my character today. Now I understand why our English teacher always says that new words can be easily learnt just only while you learn them in a text.