конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Софія Вартік, конкурсна робота № 127.
  • ЗОШ №10 Кіровоградська область
  • Hello, my name is Sonya Vartik I am 13 years old. I live in Svitlovodsk, I study at the 7-B form. My favourite lesson is English. My the most favourite subject in that lesson was speaking about Ukraine and the name of the topic was “East or West Home is Best”. The lesson started with the poem: My native land, The land of wonders, Of autumn rains And summer thunders. The greenest hills And magic lakes, The tender breeze, Romantic dales. Amazing land – My dear Ukraine. The whole class liked the poem and memorized it. Afterwards we told small facts about Ukraine. It was very interesting! We also learned new words. For example: holy, empire, fabulous, shroud. Then we had to insert the words in the text. It was not very easy, but we coped with this task. Yet we watched a video about Ukraine. It was very informative and beautiful. So many beautiful places in our country were shown. Oh, and what is the nature we have at home! Everyone immediately wanted to travel around Ukraine and to see these wonderful places. I am after having thought about it, but not for long, as I waited on at least interesting jobs. The teacher asked the test questions, and we had to respond to them. In fact, a lot of them I did not know, and that I liked to learn something new. And we learned a proverb about Ukraine: Our glory - Ukrainian state There is not a second Ukraine, no second Dnipro Without willow and viburnum no Ukraine. At the end it was very interesting! On board was the flag of Ukraine. It looked very cool. Also we were given flowers, on which we have to write a word with association to Ukraine. I wrote a "family", but most of the written word "Motherland". I think it's very nice when people love their country. And I just encourage you to love your homeland with all your heart! It is better you will not find anywhere else. Only here you will be so good. This lesson was really the best! It seems to me very much to all who were there! The words of the conclusion were: Oh, Ukraine! My mind’s becoming lighter, And my soul’s more tender than before, As the dreams and hopes of the fighter Into life of mine are running therefore.