конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Дар'я Асмаковська, конкурсна робота № 129.
  • Семенівська ЗОШ І-ІІ ст.№5 Чернігівська область
  • Dear Editor, I write to share with you my one of many best English lessons. It was difficult for me to take something out... But let me introduce myself at first. My name is Daria. I'm eleven. I live in small town on the north of Ukraine in Chernigiv region. Our school is small, too. It consists of only 70 students. But we are friendly and happy to live and study in this picturesque place. I have English lessons only twice a week. But I'd like to have more of them. Our teacher Nadiia Anatoliivna Rebenok has a beautiful smile and I feel unusual friendly atmosphere in my class. And now I'll try to describe and analyze one of the lessons. The topic is "Family members. Appearance". After greetings we always do warming-up. This lesson we started with song "Mum has a mum". In our English class there is a TV-set and DVD. We learn by heart many songs on different topics. That's why we know and like them. So we listened and sang this song and recognized the topic. Then our teacher checked student vocabulary knowledge. Students were united in two commands according two rows where they sat. On the board there were two columns of words. (See below) Students of commands read words one by one and translated. If somebody didn’t read or translate students another group did that. Next task was to tick positive qualities of character in every column. One word “shy” we analyzed and understood its positive and negative meaning. When we saw family picture on the board, the teacher ask to describe members (mom, dad, son, daughter). At first we described mother and than did senquan: A Mother pretty, kind love, help, educate She teaches to live A teacher As reflection we finished sentenses Now I can.../ know... The homework was to do senquain about father. I liked such work very much.