конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анна Кармазіна, конкурсна робота № 130.
  • Золотоніська загальноосвітня санаторна школа-інтернат I-III ступенів Черкаської обласної ради Черкаська область
  • Hi! My name is Ann and I’m a school-leaver of Zolotonosha Sanatorna Boarding School. As you know to be a teenager is not an easy task. You should follow some directions if you want to have good relations with your family. So, I want to introduce you two English lessons which were held on the first of November. ( photo 0 ) The first lesson began with watching video: Teens Talk About Family. After watching it, we guessed the topic of our lesson « Family Relationship ». ( video 1 ), ( photos 1-2 ) The next step was a game « Group Survey ». We were divided into groups by the cards and did it. How many people in your group…….. … have good relationships with their parents? … often argue with parents? … like to spend their free time with their parents? … noticed any changes in their own behaviour during the last 4 years? ( photos 3-5 ) The next task was work in groups. Ex 5 p 77. Everybody expressed his opinion on the topic. Then we discussed Family Values. 1) What age is too young to get married? 2) What values did your parents pass on to you? 3) What values will you pass on to your children? 4) What traditional values are not important or not necessary now? 5) How do you feel when you see someone not following the values you were brought up with? 6) How do members of a family support each other? 7) What problems do parents have to solve as their children grow up? 8) Why do people get married? 9) What do you think is the most important thing to make a happy family? We answered the questions and proved our thoughts. At the next lesson we watched video too: Parent-child relationship ( video 2 ) We were proposed to do the project. The first group wrote tips How to Have a Successful Teenage Life. ( photos 6-8 ) 1) Always be yourself. 2) Do best in school. 3) Never take drugs. 4) Choose your friends wisely. 5) Do what you love. 6) Have a healthy social life. 7) Be creative. 8) Listen to your parents. 9) Be organized. 10) Be fair. 11) Be clever. The task for the second group was to write some tips for parents Parents should / shouldn’t. 1) Parents should help their children solve youth problems. 2) Parents shouldn’t be too strict. 3) Parents should give their children some freedom. 4) Parents should become children’s close friends. 5) Parents should learn to respect children’s interests. 6) Parents should be honest and sincere with their children. 7) Parents should speak with their children as often as possible. At the end of the lesson we presented our project. ( photos 9-11 ) During the lessons the atmosphere was friendly as usual, we were tolerant, polite and we not only worked at our lessons but we learnt a lot of new and interesting facts about ourselves. As I understood from our lessons, the students of our class have good relations with their families as they are based on love, mutual respect and kindness. In my opinion this is the best value of life. With best wishes, Ann.