конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анна , конкурсна робота № 134.
  • Городищенська ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів №1 імені С.С.Гулака-Артемовського Черкаська область
  • Education is extremely necessary nowadays. But for successful further study you need to have a good base of knowledge given by your school. I study at the Secondary School №1 at Horodyshche named after the famous Ukrainian composer S.S.Hulak-Artemovskiy. It may sounds a little corny, but I really find my school lovely comfortable and worthy. This year is the year of English. English is my favourite subject. I like to spend my time learning new words, translating something, watching American films and chatting with my foreign friends. But an importand part of my knowledge I get from school. I am lucky to have such a smart and modern teacher as Viktoria Volodymyrivna Telychko. She is very communicative, well-qualified and frankly interested in her work. Every look does not look alike the previous one. It is conducted in the circle with different developing exercises, new techniques of learning. Let me tell you about our English lessons. Every lesson we work with digital technologies: watch English TV-shows(such as "Word on the Street", "Extra English" etc.), watch music videos, which are connected with the topic of our lesson. We also work with cards, play games, work in groups. The most important part of our lesson is speaking. We speak on various topics, discuss some events, present our ideas. I also adore that we have an opportunity to make surveys. We have a space for self-expression. Last year we had an English seminar at our school. We were honoured to share our pleasant atmosphere with the guests. Everything was so natural that we didn't panic at all. We just decided to show our ordinary lesson and our sincerity and informality. The topic of the lesson was "Cinematography". We learnt new words about cinema, made thought-provoking exercises. After that, we were asked to make a little project connected with famous films. We were divided into two groups. The spirit of competition encouraged us to do our best. Our task was to choose a film and to present it to the audience. We had to design our poster and tell not only about the plot but about the purposes and intentions of the film. My team prepared a presentation of the "Home", which is a film about natural disasters around the world. The opposing team prepared a presentation about a film called "1+1". Then we were asked to talk about our favourite actors. We asked each other absolutely different questions. Then we had to guess a type of film discussing it with our partners. Another interesting fact is that after the lesson we were captivated by cinematography that we decided to make an adaptation of famous "Pigmalion" by B.Shaw on the stage of our school theatre. It was so stunning. We really enjoyed trying out different roles, acting like a silly Eliza and an intelligent Higgins. The lesson has gone really well, but... quickly. Our guests were also involved in the lesson: they took notes and tried to do the same exercises that we did. Lessons like that help you to gain interest in learning foreign languages and rub out our borders, give you an opportunity to discover the world.