конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Станіслав Харинюк, конкурсна робота № 136.
  • Херсонська гімназія №1 Херсонської міської ради Херсонська область
  • https://youtu.be/P8cijlFc9PU Nowadays the English language is the language of culture, politics, and international relations. The English language is taught in the kindergartens, schools and universities. Also we shouldn’t forget that English is the language of great English and American literature. We all know such great writers like William Shakespeare, Daniel Defoe, Agatha Christie, etc. But not everyone can read the works of these great writers in the original. That is why our English teacher tries to make every our English lesson perfect. She is very experienced. But what, in my opinion, was an ideal English lesson? I think any lesson is good if you want to learn. So, the topic of the last lesson was «Our future plans». There were four main skills that we trained. These were listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also I memorized all new words at the lesson and after it, because our teacher used a lot of exercises with new expresions. On this lesson we didn’t pay much attention on grammer. Learning grammar rules and writing grammar exercises, I think, these are not the most important parts of the classroom work. If you can’t say anything in English there is no point in knowing all the present and past tenses. But still grammar rules help us a lot when we need to speak. And for me it works well if I work out grammar rules for myself. At these lesson we had good oral practice. They say that the best way to improve one’s English is to speak aloud. We discussed our theme, asked questions and answered them, then we used cards with some new words and made a story. After that we took roles and act this story. It was fun and unforgettable. We also took part in a quiz-game that Ukrainian organization GoGlobal presented to our gymnasium. What I liked best of all in our English lesson was the merry, friendly atmosphere in the class. The funny jokes were greeted. After the lesson our teacher gave us my favourite group project task. This project we should make in office365, where we always work. I hope that I will speak English very well in the future. The knowledge of language helps people from different countries to communicate with each other, write letters or just travel.