конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анжеліка Максименко, конкурсна робота № 14.
  • Самійлівська ЗОШ І-ІІІ стумпенів Херсонська область
  • Hello! My name is Angelika and I’d like to describe a lesson we have had recently. The topic was “Person and personality”. At this lesson we tried to describe the person’s character, worked in groups, moved around classroom, and did a lot of useful things. First, teacher asked us to think and make Mind Map, the answers were different. It was like this: jealous sociable honest indifferent tolerant To check our knowledge the teacher handed out the cards with adjectives. We had to move around the classroom and find a partner who got an opposite word. E.g. shy – easy-going; patient – nervous; generous – greedy; friendly – selfish, etc. The activity was loud but amusing. I and my partner were the winners. Then we were suggested to be divided into groups of three students. The teacher gave every group a photo of different people. We got a picture of pretty girl. On the back there were such questions: - How old is this person? - What is his/her profession? - What can you say about his/her character? - Do the hairstyles of these people help you to know more about them? In what ways? We were asked to answer only the first question and give the photo to other group, and we were given the picture of the others. So we got back our photo with all answered questions. The replies were unexpected. Every group had to describe its person according to answers. Then the teacher drew us into role play. The situation was very close to reality. P1: You want your parents to buy you a new mobile phone. Give at least threearguments why your parents should buy one.P2: You are a parent. Give at least three arguments why you shouldn’t (can’t)buy your son (daughter) a new mobile phone. After that we were suggested to play a game “Merry-go-round”. We were divided into two groups with a help of blue and red cards. Pupils who took blue card were put into inner circle and those who took red ones – into external circle. External circle is moving. After the teacher’s signal “red” pupils ask partner a question, after that they move to other pupil. So everyone walks around the circle. At the end of the game we were discussing our answers and saying our own opinions. e.g. Ask your friend if he/she thinks he/she has got too little free time. P1. Almost all my friends think they have got too little free time but to my mind I’ve got a lot of time to have fun. At the end of the lesson we presented our projects. Our homework was to describe our personality. I prepared a little presentation. I enjoyed the lesson because we were allowed to make up a group of people we wanted. We moved, we could as ask as answer the way we liked. All situations were close to reality.