конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Руслана Ключко, конкурсна робота № 140.
  • Дружбівський НВК: ЗОШ І - ІІІ ст. - ДНЗ Сумська область
  • I’d like to share my attitude to one of the best English lessons. It was the lesson “ Environmental Problem”. At the lessons we used books, cards, a computer, posters. To revise the words we played the game “ Naughts and Crosses”. All the pupils liked that activity. We were very active and interested in it. We also did crosswords. It’s a nice activity to help pupils learn and know words. Then we listened to the text about environment/ After the listening pupils did some tasks. The class was divided into three groups. Group a had to say if the sentence true or false. Group B had to fill in the missing words. Group C had to arrange the sentences into the correct order/ to make a conclusion we discussed the problems touched in the text. There a game “ A microphone” took place. All the students like this activity. After that the teacher checked our hometask. We were asked to prepare presentations on computers. Team I told about the water pollution like fish. Team B was a land. They told about land pollution. Team C stressed on air pollution. They were birds. Each presentation was unusual, colourful and interesting. Of course, there were judges and they announced the decision. We were very glad, because each team got high mark. At the end of the lesson we done some grammar tasks. We should to write the sentences using Passive Voice. At that lesson we spoke, wrote, discussed in English. It was cool!