конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Ігор Коцаба, конкурсна робота № 141.
  • Смілянська ЗОШ I - III ступенів №10 Смілянської міської ради Черкаська область
  • Hello, everybody! My name is Ihor Kotsaba. I am an eleventh form student of the secondary school number 10 in a small town of Smila. I've been learning English for nine years. I have three English lessons a week. We work with British textbooks and I enjoy it greatly. We do different kinds of work in class. We practise listening quite often. We improve our writing skills and write esseys, letters, e-mails, describe pictures, do grammar drills. We always practise grammar with new vocabulary. I enjoy learning idioms and phrasal verbs. But most of all I like learning social English. We watch a lot of videos, role play different situations, make up dialogues. We often have conversations, discussions and do projects, Our lessons are not boring. I could even call them exciting. And everything that is exciting is,as a rule, effective. But there are also assessment lessons. Can they excite? I bet, they can. Our teacher is good at making assessment various, interesting and unstressful. I want to describe one of such lessons. It was a final lesson on the topic 'Shopping and Money". The teacher's aim was to check our knowledge of the topical vocabulary and to assess our listening and reading skills. But she also wanted the lesson to be useful and practical. Actually, school should prepare us for real life rather than for tests and exams. So, we worked with authentic material on-line . First, as a kind of warming-up, we did the matching exercise. We matched the extracts from different manuals to the products they refer to. After that we worked with the extracts from the customers' letters of complaint . We replaced some parts of the sentences with the appropriate idioms, making them sound more natural.These two tasks were aimed to check our knowladge of the topical vocabulary. Then we worked with reading. We found on-line the official site of the Harrods. The task was to fill in the gaps in the multiple choice task with the facts about this world-famous department store. So, we read the information from the site, surfed every link looking up the necessary information and did the task. It was really interesting. The pictures of Harrods were impressive. Moreover, it was the real life information. After that we worked with listening. The first task was to get some information about London most popular shopping centres. We found a site for true shoppers with the videos about five most trendy shopping places in the capital of the UK including some high street boutiques and street vendors. There were maps,descriptions,characteristics of the places. Besides, there were some humorous customers' comments in the videos. We had to get the details and complete the sentences.The second part of our listening was the Shania Twain's musical videoclip to her song "Ka-ching". After watching it we did some tasks connected with the lyrics of the song. I really enjoyed the lesson. I am sure, it was effective. We enriched our knowledge about the UK, got some practical skills of working with authentic English language sites, letters of complaint and manuals.To my mind, such form of control and assessment is better than ordinary tests or control works.