конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Бородавка Валерія, конкурсна робота № 142.
  • Рубіжанська спеціалізована школа I-III ступенів №7 Луганська область
  • My name is Valeria Borodavka. I live in the town of Rubizhne in Lugansk Region. I go to school number seven. I am in form 10. I study English at school. It’s my favorite school subject. I want to know English well so I work hard at it. English is certainly very important in the modern world. A good knowledge of English opens wide perspectives for young people in getting education and starting their career. Not long time ago we were told about studying abroad and knowledge of English was mentioned as one of the necessary options for it. Now I am thinking very hard about going to Poland or Slovakia to study at the university there. As for English it appears to take some definite place in my life. I deal with it not only at the lessons at school. I try to practice my English watching videos, listening to music and communicating with my English speaking peers through the Net. I also take extra classes in English. Some time ago my teacher offered me to take part in the contest “English Speaking” and I agreed. The fact is I have already had some experience in participating in such events. Last year I took part in the contest organized by MM Publications “My motherland: the place where I live / the place I love the most”. In September I participated in “ The 2016 Shakespeare Competition “ organized by Macmillan Readers. I painted the poster for the play by W. Shakespeare “Midsummer Night DREAM “ staged by our school theatre and represented it in the nomination “ Artists. Ages 13 to 18”. Well, and now let me tell you about the lesson of English I liked the most. The matter is that this year I study in a new class. We have four lessons of English a week. We also have a new teacher of English. Her name is Olena Vladyslavivna. I like our new teacher very much. It is easy and interesting to work with her. I think our lessons have become much more informative now than they used to be before. At our lessons we have no time to waste. We have a lot of practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking. We also get much serious information from the field of vocabulary, grammar, country study, etc. But this information is given in a quite available way. At the beginning of the year we had a serious problem. The matter is, there are no books for grade 10 in our town. This problem has existed for many years. Our school library has only three English textbooks for the 10th form. Moreover, our teacher says that these textbooks are very poor and they can hardly help us to pass our exams in English successfully. So we had to do something to find the way out of the situation and we did it. From the site of www.Macmillanukraine.com we downloaded the sample unite of the exam preparatory course for Ukraine "Get 200" and began to work with it. Since that time our lessons have became really exiting. The topic of the unit we started working at was "Family and social life". The information given in it and the wy it it presented turned out to be very interesting for the teenagers of our age. We learnt many new words and expressions about stages of our life, family and friends, our every day and free time activities, lifestyle, conflicts and problems, holidays and celebrations, etc. I want to admit that though these words are from real life we have never come across them in our textbooks before. I like the way we do the vocabulary work at the lessons. First we translate them from English into Russian and analyze details of their meaning. As for me, I was particularly impressed with idiomatic phrases. There are a lot of them in the book. The fact is, it was not easy even to find their meanings in the Internet. We were surprised to see how different they are from the words they base on. We could hardly imagine what difficult work is to memorize them. One of the lesson I liked the most was about holidays and celebrations. Our first step was the vocabulary point. We warmed up working with the mind map the teacher introduced to us. The fact is that our English classroom is well equipped. We have a multimedia system “Triumph Board” here and we often work with it at the lessons. We had to write as many words on the topic of the lesson as we could. We did this task well. Then we worked with the idioms. We were given the parts of the idiomatic expressions to match. When we did it we translated these expressions from English into Russian and from Russian into English. Than we did some interesting exercises matching the holiday cards with the holiday massages, completing the sentences with the correct words and guessing the hidden word doing the crossword. I think it was a really cool way to master the vocabulary on the topic. Moreover it was a lot of fun. Then we had some reading. I should say that our reading practice has become much more interesting than it used be too. We started with comparing the words introducing additional or contrasting information. We read the examples and then chose the best follow-up sentences ourselves. The main task of reading practice was the text where we had to fill in the gaps with the correct sentences that have been removed from it. I liked this work very much too. On the one hand, the text itself was about Gretna Green a really famous place for getting married in the UK. On the other hand, it was a kind of exam task we had not done before. Then we fished for words underlining the words in the text that helped us to match the sentences to their places in the article and to wrap up the work at the lesson we had some speaking practice answering the question on the topic. To some up, I should say that I liked this lesson very much because of several reasons. Firstly, we did a lot of work which was not easy but we succeeded in doing it. Secondly, we discussed the matters that are very interesting for young people of my age, especially for girls, such as popular locations to get married in Ukraine, having a big or a small wedding, the age of getting married and reasons for divorce. It was a bit unusual both to discuss such serious matters and to do it in English. All these things were so real that we felt as if we had been somewhere in a cafe discussing some burning problems with our friends but not at the lesson at school!