конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анна Панчук, конкурсна робота № 143.
  • Рубіжанська спеціалізована школа I-III ступенів №7 Луганська область
  • My name is Ann Panchuk. I am a pupil of the eleventh form. English is my favorite subject at school. I want to know it very well. I do believe that it is an important language in our modern life. I think so because English is a real world language nowadays, the language of politics and diplomacy, science and technology, business and trade, sport and pop music. Almost all information in the world's computers is in English. For me personally English is very important too. This year I am leaving school and I want to enter the university to study hotel and tourist business there. The matter is this sphere of our life can’t do without a good knowledge of English. As English is very important and popular nowadays. It is studied at schools and universities. We study it at our school too. Our lessons of English at school are interesting. We learn words, read and translate texts, do different exercises, discuss various topics, do projects and prepare reports. We have a very good teacher of English. Her name in Elena Vladislavovna. She tries to do her best to help us master the language. At the lessons she does not only teaches us different language skills but also gives us much interesting information from various fields of our life developing our outlook and cross-cultural awareness. Elena Vladislavovna wants us to work hard at the language and have a good command of it. But we have the problem this year. Only 24 students left in our class and we are not divided into groups as it used to be. It is certainly not a good way to learn English when there are so many people in he class. Moreover each student has her or his own level of language and not all of them are interested in doing well in it. But there are many pupils in my class who consider English to be very important for their future career and work hard at it. As for the lesson of English I like the most I want to tell you about one of the lessons which we had in the eighth form while working on the topic: «Our world is more beautiful than you think». The fact is that our school is specialized in studying music and arts. For several years we have participated in an experimental work the main idea of which was in studying the influence of using arts in teaching different school subjects. This lesson was in the terms of this experimental work and I still remember all the details of it. Before the lesson we were given a task to think over the question " What the beauty of the world is?". At the beginning of the lesson we produced our teacher our ideas. Everybody did well giving very interesting definitions of the beauty of the world. I said that beauty was something being in balance and harmony with nature. Then the teacher represented us several multimedia tables basing on which we considered such notions as “ inner beauty” including personality, intelligence, grace, politeness, charisma, integrity, congruence and elegance, and “outer beauty” or physical attractiveness including well-proportioned body, regular features etc. While discussing the problem how people express their feeling of beauty we come to the conclusion that they do it with the help of art, music, literature, poetry, architecture. It was so thrilling to discuss such serious things in English. Then we concentrated on the problem of our lesson that was about a feeling of beauty music brings into the world. We shared our opinions about the place music took in our life and read several quotations of famous people about music. Then the teacher wanted to see how much we knew about music, its history and styles, the background of some popular musicians, sing¬ers and groups, the famous works of music etc. She gave us many interesting tasks among which were finding the styles of music in the puzzle and matching them with their definitions, listening to short pieces of music and guessing a style of music, a singer or a music band performing them or the names of the a compositions as they were really famous. Our grammar practice at this lesson was rather unusual too. We were given some sayings and quotes about music by music lovers, musicians, philosophers and other famous people and reported them in the indirect speech. Then we went on checking our project work. Some time before the lesson we were divided into groups and given the task to prepare the presentations of a group or a singer whom we considered to be the greatest. The presentations about The Beatles and Elvis Presley were introduced by two groups. At the end of the lesson we had some writing. The matter is that our homework for the lesson was to learn the words of the song by Elvis Presley “Love me Tender” and in order to see how well we had done it the teacher gave us the cards with the text of the song and asked to fill in the gaps in it. Checking of the results of our work was very special as well. We were suggested listening to Elvis Presley singing “Love me Tender” and invited to sing together with Elvis. To sum up, I should say that we have had many interesting lessons of English. The lesson I have told about is only one of them. I think I still remember it because it was really exciting and helped me understand what a thrilling thing learning English could be! There is one more thing you should take into consideration. You can see the video of this lesson on the site of our school in the blog of our teacher of English Olena Khortiv.