конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Олена Оболонська, конкурсна робота № 147.
  • ЗОШ №35 Чернігівська область
  • Since the first days at school English has become my favourite subject. At the age of 7 we were introduced to foreign speech and were taught to read, write and listen to short texts in English. Our English teacher made each lesson an interesting game which we enjoyed very much. It was excting and easy to learn English at that time by playing games and singing songs. We looked at the pictures the teacher showed us, repeated the words after her. The first lessons, first weeks and months passed. As we grew older our lessons became more instructive and serious. Our optimism and courage disappeared and a real job began. Not everybody liked it, not everybody wanted to work hard everyday. As you know, our group has six English lessons a week : two lessons on Wednesday and Friday and one lesson on Monday and Thursday. Any language is like music. It requires everyday training. And this training consists of four main parts of exercises. They are listening, reading, writing and speaking. And the more we work, the more we do, the better we understand: we know too little, and we will discover that English is based on Her Majesty Grammar. At first it seems illogical and impossible to understand. And spelling! Everybody knows that in English we write Manchester and read Liverpool. And why only 26 letters? A lot of questions. We are trying to find the answers. The more we find, the more we understands the laws that rule this language. When the teacher comes and opens the door, we come in and sit down. Then we open our bags and take our exercise-books and Bonk's text-books. And soon the lesson begins. Usually we start with references to the rules. In English we study creations, British studies, English and American literature. At the end of the lesson the teacher always gives us huge homework. It usually consists of learning new words or a text by heart and making several exercises in a writing form. I like to learn new rules and to write compositions. I like it when we discuss something interesting. I want to learn English itself not only because it is the language of such great countries as Great Britain or the USA and because it became an international language of progressive science, engineering I want to learn English, because I want to read foreign literature in original. I like such English and American writers as M. Twain, J. London, L. Carroll, W. Shakespeare, M. Michel and others. If I know English well I'll be able to read "The Morning Stap", "The Daily News". I know that these are very popular newspapers. I think that to know English today is absolutely necessary for every educated men, for every good specialist. What I like best of all in our English lessons is the merry, friendly atmosphere in the class. The funny jokes are always greeted . I like when we learn new rules with our teacher . I like it when we discuss something interesting to us.I like our English lessons . Olena Obolonska Form 10 – B School 35 Chernihiv