конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Аліна Кучерова, конкурсна робота № 155.
  • Кризька ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів Марківської РДА Луганська область
  • Kucherova Alina Konstantynivna , 19.11,2000. Kryzka Secondary School the Street of Peace 12 a. Sych Tetiana Ivanivna.” Healthy Way of life”. Illustration materials: a table, drawings, photos, sayings, advertisements and flash-media. I am Alina Kucherova, a student of the 10 th form at Kryzka Secondary School. According to the program me there are four lessons in a week, and I am waiting for them with pleasure. The begging of our lessons is held with right articulation and pronunciation of sounds. Our teacher of English language, Valentyna Gavrylivna suggested, to activate the speaking activities improving the dialogue speech, using photos with a different kinds of sports. The main part of our lesson was that to expand and deep students knowledge of a sport with yoga. This helped use text illustrations” Taking Care of the House of You “. Before becoming familian with the text we worked together with our teacher with new words and phrases. After reading the text Valentyna Gavrylivna suggested to make up the word combinations using the table. Advertising allows more information to support a healthy lifestyle. This lesson has been used for advertising about yoga. After the reading text two classmates of our form came to the black board and read the proverb about the healthy life. P1 1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 2. Eat to live not live to eat. 3. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. P2 1. Active life makes you feel happy. 2. The quality of man’s life depends on his lifestyle. 3. Health is a gift of fate and it deserves our full attention. Our teacher of the English language Valentyna Havrylivna Plotnikova said that people should have some know ledge about health and medicine. Sometimes its very necessary to keep a diet. People have problems with their health because they forget the main rules: Too little food makes you thin; Too much food makes you fat; The wrong food makes you ill; The right food makes you well; Too many sweets are bad for you, especially for your teeth. Besides one student of my form, pointed that although many people are for healthy food, sometimes visit “McDonald’s”. To be honest, if I have some pocket money, this is fun for me too. But my Mum says that it’s not bad from time to time, but as long as I don’t make it in a habit. Anyway, everybody must know than junk food and fast food is very harmful for our health. Teacher: As a rule, in order to remain healthy it’s important for people to eat healthy food-fruit, vegetables, lost of salads. Going in for sports is also very good to keep fit. However, a lot of us don’t it regularly. And now listen to some poems about sport. Pupil 1 Oh, sport! You are enjoyment! Oh, sport! You are architect! Oh, sport! You are justice! Oh, sport! You are challenge! You are nobles, you are joy! Oh, sport! You are peace! Pupil 2 In winter we ski and skate. Says little Kate. In summer I like to swim. And what do you do in spring? In spring we play and sing. Pupil 3 Lessons are over; away we run Gaily to ski through the snow-what fun! Many are off to the pond to skate, All go together, and none is late. Pupil 4 Nelly can dance on the ice like a fairy! Andy cuts figures and so does Marry. Ann is the best, like the wind she goes, Peter is clumsy and falls on his horse. Can you hop like a rabbit? Can you jump like frog? Pupil 5 Can you walk like a duck? Can you run like a dog? Can you fly like a fish? And be still like a good child? As still as you wish? Pupil 6 Running, climbing, figure skating, Fencing, swimming too. Rowing, hockey and gymnastics Out go you. Pupil 7 I’m running on my skis, White and silver stand the tress. I’m as quick as quick can be, Try to catch me! One, two, three! Pupil 8 He had a racket and she had a ball. They played tennis, little Nell and Paul. But, who won the game we couldn’t tell “Both of us are winners”, said Paul and Nell. I with my classmates were pleasured on this lesson Of course sport is very popular in our country. Thousands of people to keep in good health. We go in for sports because we want to be healthy, wealthy, strong and active. Sport teaches to be a true friend. As for me, I try to keep a healthy way of life as the most people do. I have no doubt that a healthy lifestyle has become a part of modern culture. That’s way oll of us go in for skating, skiing, tennis, dancing and swimming. Everybody enjoys sea food or fresh juice at café, I am sure that a healthy way of life is a great fun for teenagers now. At the end of this lesson our teacher summed up the results of our lesson. We knew many interesting about healthy way of life. Valentyna Havrylivna pointed: “I hope you we had a chance at out today’s lesson to understand that much depends on you. If you want to be happy and healthy, it is in your power. So, try to control your life style and try to see the benefits of sports, healthy food, and physical activity”.