конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Горобець Владислава, конкурсна робота № 161.
  • Малокаратульське НВО ЗОШ І - ІІ ст. - ДНЗ Київська область
  • My English lesson by Vladyslava Horobets Form 7 Generally I like English and I enjoy studying and learning English. I learn English with a pleasure and I like to get know some interesting facts about English speaking countries. My dream is to travel all over the world and communicate with others people in different countries. Of course I understand that I can do it when I’ll speak English fluently. I can also say that I like studing English because my teacher showed me that it is easy and very interesting. I thing that our class is lucky to have so energetic, full of ideas and creative teacher. She is very polite, easy-going and friendly person. I love her so much. She had an amazing ability to communicate with students. It might be because of her young age, so she knew how to satisfy teenagers like us. Our teacher teaches the material from her heart. She makes sure that everybody understands the lesson before they leave. But first when we met our teacher , all of us were shy even to read. We were afraid to make even the smallest dialogues. She has very good pronunciation and I thought that I had the horrible one in the world. But later we recognized that she always show us how great we are and how great we read, translate and work. Of course I understand that it isn’t always true. I remember some funny situation when we studied word “apologise”. Everybody spell it wrong. But our teacher asked us to find the song by One Republic ‘Apologise’ and we started to sing. And I must to say that I remembered this world. I also look forward when we end the unit.We always have some interesting tasks. The latest was - to find some unusual and strange celebration which we have never heard. I have found about the Day of the Dead in Mexico. And we made wallpaper of all celebrations which we had found. It was great. But my favorite thing is listening. I must say that we study in small school, in a small village and we haven’t got a modern computers or an interactive board, but our teacher brings a notebook and show us some cartoons and different videos. I like it very much. We also learn a lot of traditional finger plays and songs, but we also sing a modern songs on the lessons. It’s really cool because I learn a lot of new words and understand what my favorite singers sing. I also don’t afraid to write different topics and assays. Earlier I surfed the Net to find something, but our teacher encouraged us to write ourselves. She said: ‘Write briefly in your own words’ In conclusion, my English teacher is not only my teacher she is also my friend who help and support me.I like my English lessons because it’s fun and interesting.