конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Єлизавета Шестобуз, конкурсна робота № 163.
  • Дем'янівська ЗОШ І-ІІ ступенів Херсонська область
  • My name is Yelyzaveta Shestobuz. I am a pupil of the seventh form. I study at school of Demyanivka. My favourite subject is English. English is very important as it has become the most used language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations in the world. I learn English at school. I also try to read English books, magazines and newspapers. I watch video films and listen to songs in English. I write new words on little cards and look them through every evening before going to sleep. I hope that in the future I’ll speak English fluently! Tetyana Volodymyrivna Prykhodko is our teacher of English. She is young and energetic, and she has a good command of the English language. Tetyana Volodymyrivna does her best to make our English lessons interesting. But most of all, I like the topic “Householding chores”. The moto of our lesson was “East or west home is best”. We started lesson with phonetic exercise. “The clock says, “Tick”, Do you chores quick! Feed the cat, Vacuum the mat, Clean the room With a new broom, Wash the floor, Then go to the store, Set the table When you are able Wash up after meals, Take out the peels The clock says, “Tock”, Finish your work”. During the lesson we learnt new words, grammar rules (Present Perfect Continuous Tense) and did grammar exercises (we opened the brackets and put the verbs in the Present Perfect Continuous Tense. (They (do) … the exercises for 5 minutes. – They have been doing the exercises for 5 minutes.)), listened to stories, conversations, dialogue and songs. When we watched film, Tetyana Volodymyrivna paused the video and asked us to talk about what we had seen. We also acted out the dialogue. Everybody took part in the work because it was interesting. When we didn’t know some words, our teacher helped us. We weren’t afraid of making mistakes because she didn’t criticize us for them. I think we are very lucky to have her as our teacher of English.