конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Діана Войтенко, конкурсна робота № 164.
  • Чмирівський НВК "Школа-гімназія" Луганська область
  • In my opinion, English - is one of the most important lessons at school.Since the first days English has become my favourite subject. At the age of 7 we were introduced into foreign speech and we were taught how to read, write, make up mini-dialogues,work in pairs and groups in English. Our English teacher made each lesson such an interesting game which we enjoyed very much. It was exсiting and easy to learn English while playing games and singing songs. We looked at the pictures, repeated the words and remembered them very quickly.Our teacher asked us very simple questions, for example: ''What's your name? '' and full of pride we answered: ''My name is …'' We wanted to show everybody that we knew English! But I never forget the lesson which really influenced for my further learning English. It was at the 3rd form and I still remember it. At first we spoke and answer the questions about different school things: a pen, a pencil, a pencil-box, a book, a desk, a classroom and finally we understood the topic of our lesson would be about the school. Then we started to work on a Mind –Map: “School”. The task was picked-up as many associations with the word “School” as we could.We liked it very much and we did it with a great pleasure. Then we remembered about the daily routine and reapeted at what time we did them. By the way, children adore such activities as singing songs and playing games. And at the primary school they are very important, because entertament reminds them that learning foreign language is not all hard work, it can be fun as well.So, we played with a ball and made-up English sentences and spoke with each other in a “microphone”. We also sang English song about the days of the week and listened different audio recordings, completed own school timetable and compered it with the timetable of English pupils. Everybody knows that English grammar is rather difficult, but if the English teacher is creative some rules will be easy. Our teacher prepared an interesting grammar presentation for this lesson and we understood new rule very quickly.Group projects were great and interesting, because we took different themes for each group of pupils. But movie about English school impressed me most of all! I watched, listened and understood almost all words! It was very interesting and useful experience.After that I really inspired to learn English! I like the atmosphere of all our English lessons, because we smile, laugh a lot and act out English plays.At the end of the lessons our teacher explains us our homework and gives us marks. At the end of my unforgettable lesson about school our English teacher gave us marks in the forms of medals. She said:''Today you don’t get the marks, but you get medals for your good work at the lesson!'' I am in the 7th form now and I continue to learn English. I like to watch different satellite TV programmes in English. I listen different songs in English and try to recognize the words. My dream is to travel abroad and know English perfectly. I’d like to be an interpreter in the future. And I think my dream comes true!