конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Ілона Савостьянова, конкурсна робота № 169.
  • СЗШ №2 І-ІІІ ст. смт Крижопіль Вінницька область
  • School is not a place where we get knowledge and information. It is a place where pupils can develop their skills in social relationships, increase their tolerance and mutual respect for each other. It is a place where we become more confident and organized. To learn English is very important nowadays and to motivate our wish to study and improve our English speaking skills makes our English teacher to conduct lessons very interesting .She tries a to develop our confidence-building activities and at the same time realize and demonstrate our individual talents. I would like to present you the lesson I liked the best. The topic of our lesson was “Illnesses and diseases.” When the teacher came,we greeted her and she asked how our things were and wished us to have a nice day. The teacher announced the topic and aims of the lesson. Then she created a new image and told us some short funny stories about doctors and patients. Those stories made children cheerful and ready for the work. Then we were offered to read the epigraph of the lesson.” Of all things people probably hate diseases most”. The teacher told a short story about her having caught a bad cold and suggested telling about our illnesses . Before the lesson we were divided into 5 groups. The 1st group had to show the work of School Nurse’s Room. The 2nd group went to the policlinic and prepared video about different offices and rooms such as Register’s Office, Paediatric Room, Therapeutist Room, X-ray Room, Ofthalmologist’s Room, Ear,nose, ,throat Specialist’s Room and Psychiatrist ‘s Room. The third group introduced the work of dentist clinic. The fourth group presented the work of Emergency Services Station and the ambulance. The fifth group spoke about Chemist’s ,the place where we can buy different medicines. The sixth group introduced the work of surgeons. What was the most unusual the meeting with a grandfather of one of our classmates. He works as a surgeon at the hospital and his granddaughter watched him working several times. These projects impressed us greatly. They were shot with great honour to people who save our lives every day. We got rid of being shy in front of the camera. We spoke English, using words and world-combinations on the topic. A lot of people in the hospital, in the policlinic watched us. We were confident and now we can quickly orientate in the policlinic. We had a good chance to communicate with doctors and nurses in reality and thanked them for their work. Another kind of speaking activity was advertising .Each group received some things and a task to advertise them. 1st group [apples, toothpaste, sweets] 2nd group [vitamins] 3d group [herbal tea] 4th group [onion, garlic in oder not to fall ill with a flu] 5th group [skipping rope] Then each group got a false diagnose and a disease .Our task was to define a right diagnose. All pupils like this kind of activity. What we liked the most dramatizing of dialogues.They were different. But the funniest were played with a great talent, especially a dialogue where a son who pretented to have a sore throat and didn’t want to eat porridge wanted an ice-cream. Or a boy who wanted to miss a lesson pretented his leg to have been broken. But when it was announced “ Fire ” he was the first to run out. The lesson was coming to an end. The teacher asked pupils if they had liked the lesson and praised children who were the most active and confident. It has become a tradition in our school to say “ Thank you for the lesson “.We really liked such a lesson. We had a very nice presentation, prepared equipment for dialogues, white smocks and a lot of medical devices at the lesson. This lesson tought us to appreciate our life as the treasure and treat doctors with great honour and respect. The lesson was for me like a breeze.