конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Вікторія Татьянчук, конкурсна робота № 172.
  • Козятинський загальноосвітній навчально-виховний комплекс І-ІІІ ступенів "Школа-інтернат - гімназія" ім. В.М. Підгорбунського Вінницька область
  • Hello!!!My name is Vicky. I’m a pupil of 10 form. We study a lot of interesting subjects at school, but my favourite one is English.I’m very grateful to my teacher of English who awoke my interest in this subject.My teacher always invites me to participate in various competitions in the English language. And now I'm writing one of them. My task is to describe a lesson which I liked the most .Actually , I like them all but I want to tell you about our last English lesson . So, we studying topic "School life" .We learned about the school before and now we are just expanding our knowledge about the school life of pupils and students from different countries (Ukraine , Great Britain and the United States of America).The topic of our last lesson was an education in Ukraine and abroad . Our lesson started with greeting and checking absent at the lesson. Then we checked the homework, we had to read and translate the text about education in Ukraine. The text was easy because we know everything about studying in Ukraine. Then Inna Vyacheslavivna (our teacher) asked us several questions about our school and about where we dream to study after high school. The majority of pupils given the answer that they wanted to study abroad (UK , Poland, etc.). And then she told us that today we will analyze the education of children in different countries, namely it will be : Ukraine , the United States of America and United Kingdom. Some information about education in these countries, we know from previous years, but never compared the educational levels of these countries between. We watched a short video about studying children in these countries and then each of us talked about the fact that he/she is the best remembered. The teacher had two envelopes with the letters , she said that students from those countries which we have been taught , they want to share with us their experience of learning and telling about their studying ,the letters were short and simple .We listened to them carefully. They were from Anna of Bradford and Sam from Boston. After that, Inna Vyacheslavivna gave us tests where we had to tick in front of countries on education which is referred to in the offer.Then we opened the books and saw the table, which compares the system of education in the UK and the US, we watched at it . We were divided in pairs and I have realized that we will need to generate our own schematic diagram illustrating the system of education in Ukraine and one of the English-speaking countries. Upon completion of the work two of us (optional) went to the blackboard, drew their charted and made up a story about school education. The teacher followed the correct grammatical structure of the sentences and corrected us. Our lesson was ended . We got our grades and homework. For the next lesson we had to prepare a message about the University or College where we would like to studying . The bell rang, we said goodbye and went to our next class.