конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Ізабелла Харкевич, конкурсна робота № 174.
  • Дем'янівська ЗОШ І-ІІ ступенів Херсонська область
  • My name is Izabella. I am a pupil of the eighth form. I study at school of Demyanivka. English is my favourite lesson. I have my English two times a week. Every Monday and Friday I take my English textbook, vocabulary and exercise-book and go to my English lesson. During the lesson we listen to the tape recorder, ask each other questions and speak out on what we have heard. Sometimes it is a story, sometimes it is a dialogue or a conversation. They are not very long but they are always very interesting. We speak English a lot, but we also read text from our textbook. During the lesson we also write sentences on the blackboard, learn grammar rules and do exercises. But my favourite topic was “Music’s Everywhere”. After greeting and check on Homework we had game “In my opinion”. We expressed our opinion as an optimist (the first team) and as a pessimist (the second team). E.g. Team 1: Classical music is really beautiful, because it improves your mood and expresses strong feelings. Team 2: But on the other hand this music expresses not only positive feelings, but sadness, anger and other negative emotions. Moreover this music isn’t for dancing. It was very interesting to hear my classmates’ opinions about music. When we learned new words we played “Chain game”. P1: You use it while singing. P2: Is it a musical instrument? P1: No, it isn’t. P3: Is it voice? P1: Yes, it is. P3: This musical instrument has become very important at the end of 1960s and it is still very popular. When was grammar practice we matched two parts of the sentences. E.g. They will see her when her lessons are over. If he buys tickets, we’ll go to the concert. Then we had listening comprehension. We listened to about folk music. We heard a lot of interesting and did the sentences correctly. So, I never get bad marks in my English because I always prepare my homework well. I like my English lessons very much and come to them with joy.