конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Дмитро Стецький, конкурсна робота № 179.
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  • My name is Dima. I study at School of Sinne and I’m a student of the 7th form. We have two English lessons a week: on Tuesday and Wednesday. First of all I’d like to say that each of us has his own most important and memorable events during his life. And they stay with us forever, I believe. We keep them deep in our hearts and we can’t imagine our past, present and future life without them. As for me, it is learning English, of course. And now let me to say some words about my favourite school teacher. She teaches English. She was the first who introduced us to the wide world of the English language. And during all school years English is my favourite subject. We are lucky to have such a nice teacher of English, Tetyana Mykhailivna. Teachers do not only teach their subjects. They develop their students' intellect, their attitudes to life and to other people. Learning of a foreign language is not an easy task. It is a long and slow process takes a lot of time and efforts. That is why it is very important to have a good teacher. I am very grateful to my English teacher who made me interested in this subject. Tetyana Mykhailivna is the person I loved best at school because our English lessons are very interesting and instructive. Do you want to know what English lesson was the most unforgettable for me? It was last year. We had five lessons this day and English was the last one. All my classmates had a good mood because ahead of the weekend and we were ready to the lesson. And soon the lesson begins... The topic of the lesson was “School Life. School Rules.” First of all we looked at the pictures on the board and answered a few questions to decide what we should do today. Then teacher asked us who should follow school rules, what may these rules be connected with. And I saw, we were going to talk about the rules connected with students’ appearance and behavior at school. After short discussion we watched videos “Rules Around School”, “My Classroom Rules”, “School Rules by Cartoons” and listened “Cool School Rule Rap”, “The School Rule Song”. Then we teamed up in 2 groups and the teacher gave us an assignment to write our own rules, but so that one group started with the words “You should” and another one began with the words “You shouldn’t”. Here’s what we made: You should arrive on time. You should raise your hand before speaking. You should listen to others and participate in class discussions. You should do your assignments. You should listen to directions. You should cooperate with your group. You should pick up after yourself. You shouldn’t interrupt other students' learning. You shouldn’t write or carve on your desk or school property. You shouldn’t come to class late. Next activity was reading. It was a short article about British school rules and how British parents could soon face a fine and prison if their children misbehave at school. Then we walked around the class and talked to other students about school rules. We changed partners often. Then we sat and shared our findings. In pairs, we have to decide which of these words from the article are most interesting and which are most boring. And then we completed the table “How satisfied are you with school rules” with a partner. We rated these and shared our ratings with partner: 10 = excellent; 1 = really bad. _____ attendance _____ uniforms _____ bullying _____ break times _____ homework _____ sports _____ equipment _____ trips After reading we had “student school rules survey”. We wrote five good questions about school rules in the table. Each student wrote the questions on his / her own paper. When we have finished, we interviewed other students. Then we had roles and I was “a teacher” two of my classmates were “students”. One of them was “a good student” and another was “a bad student”. We must make up dialogue according to the situation, for example “In the Canteen”. As for me it was really funny and interesting be in the shoes of “teacher” To the end of the lesson the teacher gave us homework to write a letter to Britain’s Schools Secretary Ed Balls. Ask him three questions about his plans for Britain’s schools. Give him three ideas on how he can improve discipline. It was really so eventful and vivid lesson with a lot of different activities and exercises what we didn't notice how it finished. Then we all said good-bye to our teacher and she gave us AGREEMENT We, the students of the 7th form agreed to: Be on time and come prepared. Raise hands before speaking. Do homework every day. Keep the classroom clean. Listen to our teachers. Student’s signature What I like best of all in our English lessons is the merry, friendly atmosphere in the class. In English class the teacher used the interactive ways of communication such as role-playing, group work, pair work, survey, audio and video materials. As usual she always uses a laptop or a computer at lessons and we can surf the Internet for that it is better to know English.