конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Валерій Чернятьев, конкурсна робота № 186.
  • ССЗШ№5 Львівська область
  • My name is Valerii Cherniatev. I am a pupil of the fifth form. I study at school 5 in Lviv. I like learning English, because it is interesting. I have my English every day. This year most of all I liked the lesson: “Interests.” During the lesson we listened CD. After we asked each other questions and spoke out on what we had heard.We describe different pictures.Ask and answer the question.Make up dialogues. We read a text and do different tasks. True or false, complete the sentences and answer the questions. Next we sang a cheerful song and dance. It was fun. We play a game- we mime and another children must guess. I like to play the piano, do judo and play basketball.I like my English lessons very much and I come to them with joy.