конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Аліна Асауленко, конкурсна робота № 188.
  • Херсонська Спеціалізована Школа I-III ступенів №27 з поглибленим вивченням інформатики та іноземних мовх Херсонська область
  • I have some ideas to make our lessons more interesting. Firstly, we should make some conversations. It`s so interesting! To use grammar, speak more or less quickly, understand the interlocutor — and the conversations between pupils are great. Of course at first it`s very difficult to remember the grammar rules and speak about something and we will make mistakes. I like when my teacher corrects my mistakes, I try not to repeat them again. Secondly, I believe that teachers shouldn't have favorites and should not compare students. Just think, you were working hard, you had demonstrate your knowledge and get a good mark, but the favorite student of your teacher will get the same good mark easily almost for nothing. You must agree, it is unpleasant. Thirdly, it will be much more interesting to learn the language, if teachers offer us to read contemporary literature in the original. Fourthly, it will be very good if we can watch different movies which will also develop our English. Besides, it would be good if teachers could create creative mini-competitions in class, and encouraged them with additional marks. In conclusion I like to say that the lesson must be conducted by a really good teacher who uses up to date programs and modern literature. Then it should be a lesson of real communication which is necessary for all students.