конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анна Жадан, конкурсна робота № 189.
  • Чигиринська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №1 імені Богдана Хмельницького Чигиринської районної ради Черкаської області Черкаська область
  • «Hello! My dear Diary! Today was a really cool day! And there is so many things to tell you about. Especialy it was great at school on a English lesson. But at first I must tell you some interesting facts from the morning. Oh…All in all, I’ll tell you everything in turn what happends today. So… It was a pretty autumn morning. The weather was sunny and quiet, I went along the street and yellow leaves pleasantly rustlled under my foots. I didn’t worry about I could be late at school. I admired light morning mist, my neighbours, which walked their pets, did jogging, worked in the garden or hurried to work. - Good morning, miss Maria!, - I said to an eldery woman with a cat who stood in the porch of her house. - Good morning, darling! Have a nice day!, - she answered with a sweet voice. But that’s only seems that it was an ideal morning, ideal neighbours…There is one hooligan in our residential street. His real name is Isaас, but everyone calls him – “ Big Crash”, because he likes to offend or to tease somebody especially younger children. He is ugly and he is really enrage me. And now Big Crash walked to school too. - Hey! Twinkle – winkle!, - he cried to me as soon as he cought sight of me. Oh! I really hate this alias! What does it means: ‘twinkle – winkle”?! Stupid, like him self. He was really proud that he could devised it for me! “ Don’t pay attention, Lidia…”, - I thought. But he had already driven to me. “ Oh! Damn it…” - Are you hurring?, - he said with amused grin. And pushed me. “ Oh! It began…” - Yes, I am!, - I said as couldly as I could manage. - Ok! See at school, twinkle – winkle. Chao!, - and he jumped into a big red car which suddenly arrived. “ What a stupid guy?!”, - I decided… not at the first time. When I entered to the school yard I heard a bell. “ Oh! I’m late!” The first lesson was English. When I went into the class the teacher wasn’t coming. So I quickly sat at my desk. When the teacher came in the classroom everyone wasn’t sitting at their places yet. She stood at the doors until we calm down. Her strict sight quickly changed for funny. - Come on, guys! Today we have so much work! There is very interesting theme: we must learn five very popular idioms in London’s spoken language! Everyone was keen on it, because all my classmates dream to visit London or America once. Our teacher smiled and started: - Maybe somebody has already known some interesting expressions?, - and she looked at us with a expecting sight. - Oh! Oh!, - my friend Julia jumped at her desk., - I know, miss Tetiana! “ Get the ball rolling!” - Great, darling! Do you know what does it mean?, - asked miss Tetiana. - Yes, that mean’s: “ let’s start know”. - Very good, Julia. You should be more active today and you’ll get good mark for the lesson. - After a little expetating pause she asked: - And? No one more? - Am…, - I started, - I’m not sure is it an expression or not but: “ Take it easy.” It means to relax. - Yes, this is an expression. - Miss Tetiana, is it “Twenty – four seven” an expression?, - asked my friend Andrew. - Yes, how can you explain it to us? - It’s something like every minute of a day. But usually it used as exaggeration. - Very well. Ok, I see that some idioms of American’s spoken language you know. But what about London’s? The class was silent…The teacher smiled. - Oh, well. So, open your copybooks and write our topic today: “London’s expressions”. Everyone knows the phrase: “All right?”, doesn’t he? Kids in the affirmative nodded. - So what does it mean? – She looked at me, like I’ve already known the answer. – Usually american use it like: “Are you OK?”. But few people know that it also means: “Hello, how’re you?”. It’s so nice way to greeting somebody on the street. And the most correct answer would be: “Yeah, how’re you?” Suddenly something small and wet hit my neck. “ Ugh! What was that?! ” – Ugly Big Cresh smiled with amused grin. He clearly proud of himself…- “Paper bullets…Oh, no…” - Twinkle – winkle, are you going to call the teacher? – Whispered he and he has already known my answer, because as soon as I would go to miss Tetiana or just try to call her he would do something amazing insidious… - No…It’s OK… - I spoiled the mood… It looked like the teacher heard our talk, because she suddenly called me to the blackboard and asked me to write a sentence with this new expression. So I did it. - Very good, Lidia. Come back to your seat. – But instead me, she looked at the Big Crash. When I sat down I noticed that his insidious smile disappeared. “ Hmm…Thank you teacher…”, – I thought. - Ok, so the next one is “I’m easy”. And this would be something you use, when somebody asks you to make a decision, and you don’t really mind. For example, “Would you prefer Italian or Chinese food tonight?” – “Hm, I’m easy…”. It means “I don’t really mind.”. Everyone was really interested in this really cool theme so teacher just continued: - I would recommed you to write this material because that might be a test tomorrow.Well, the next one is “on about”. And this means “talking about”. So if I say, “ What’s he on about?” I’m really saying: “What’s he talking about?”. It can be used quite negatively, so if someone’s talking too much, you could say; “What’s he on about?!” All my classmates fun rustled and started to replay:” What’s she on about?” things like that… - Hm! – The teacher attracted our attention again. – So, my personal favourite of this list is: “Bob’s your uncle!”. And this, if you’re not familiar with the phrase ridiculous, and it is! But “Bob’s your uncle” is a phrase we use to conclude a set of instructions. Like, for example, making a cup of tea! You need to boil a water, you need to add it to a cup, you need to add a tea bag, you have to let it brew, then you need to take the tea bag out, and then add some milk and sugar to taste and then…Bob’s your uncle! You’ve made a cup of tea! It looked like that’s was too hard to understanding for us. Miss Tetiana noticed this and decided that the best way to explain, it‘s to write some sentences with this new idiom at the blackboard…And what do you think, who was called to write them? Right, me! - How’re you guys?Now are you understand? – asked teacher. - Yes. – we answered. - Ok, so last one, “easy-peasy”, is something I used to say quite a lot when I was a child, but I might still say it every now and again now. And this means that something’s really easy. The full rhyme is “easy-peasy lemon squeezy”. I don’t recommend to use this phrase in a job interview. But for general fun and general conversation it’s absolutely fine. “ So, how was the exam?” – “ It was easy-peasy!”. And then if you really want to go for it...”It was easy peasy lemon squeezy.” And… Suddenly we heard a bell for a broke. But everyone was so interested in today topic so even didn’t paid attention on it. - Well, your home task will be to try to use these phases that I’ve taught you at some point today… All my classmates ran from the class for a broke. Big Crash drove to me and said: - All right, twinkle-winkle? - What are you on about?, - Now was my time to smiled with amused grin. And I just turned around and go out… Oh, that was really awesome day, dear Diary! I frankly hope that all my next English lessons will be cool and interesting like that’s one. Oh! It’s time to go to prepare for the tomorrow test, so bye!”