конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Юлія Руденко, конкурсна робота № 19.
  • Вільшанська ЗОШ 1-2 ступенів Черкаська область
  • My best English lesson. Hi! I am Yulia. I am a pupil of the 6th form. I am diligent, persistent and hasdworking. I am always try to do my best in all school subjects. To my mind, English is a specific one. As for me I like topics which we study at the lessons. They all are relevant for our lives. I like our teacher of English as well. Our class is rather small, there are only 4 of as. To, we have much time to practise our communicative shills. Thanks to our teacher our lessons are not boring, they are even quite interesting. One lesson differs from another one. That’s why it is difficult to choose one of them. Okay! I try to describe the lesson which we have recently had. First of all, it started a usuall with the question: “How are you today? “ Then we sang our favourite song along with the CD record. After that we were asked to predict the theme of the lesson. We couldn’t wen think that a quest would come to us. To our teachers presented the entrant Julia Turchin, who likes to sing any English songs and is successful in studing English. Yulia gave us some advice how to get good results and achieve own aims. I always remember “Never give up!” We had a nice chance to ask her some questions. We were not scared of making mistakes. We understood each other well. Our teacher also helped us and supposed our communication. At the end of the lesson we had a small tea-party. That tea was the most delicious 1 had even had. That lesson was full of surprises. Our teacher thanked us for our good work and asked us to participate in a video clip for You Tube. I was full of emotions. I never forget it. Twitch on your computer and you can watch me. “English week. Computer class. Vilshana basic secondary school” I am an editor. I am sure that I will not any difficulties in English in my future life. I would like all pupils have the teachers who are really interested in their subjects and love their profession as our teacher does.