конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Софія - Евеліна Стретович, конкурсна робота № 194.
  • Дружбівський НВК: ЗОШ І - ІІІ ст. - ДНЗ Сумська область
  • Today we had one of the best English lessons in my life. My teacher has prepared a lot of interesting tasks and games for us. At the beginning the teacher told the aims of the lesson. Those were to learn ten new English words, to learn using ‘has’ and ‘ have’ , and of course have fun. After the teacher showed these words on the computer, we listened to their pronunciation and repeated after the dictator. Then we had some tasks. We corrected mistakes in the words, filled in the gaps and made up our own sentences. After that we played the game “ Vocabulary Box”. One student was a “box “ and had to translate from Ukrainian into English the word of that one ‘ who wanted to be the next box’ . After the game the teacher explained the theory of using ‘ has’ and ‘ have ‘. Then she gave us some grammar exercises which we done excellently. At the end of the lesson we read the text with missing new words. To my surprise the whole class filled the gaps quickly and correctly. We summarized our lesson. The teacher put everyone good and excellent marks. I hope that next time we’ll also have an interesting lesson. Today it was really my best English lesson!