конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Марія Сергіївна Дика, конкурсна робота № 2.
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  • MY ENGLISH LESSON For me, school plays an important part. School is an opportunity to learn something new and to gain new knowledge. I like studying but only something interesting. I hate major subjects because they are boring. But my favorite lesson is English. I like English since my first lesson, I like to read books of great foreign writers in the original, watch films and listen to songs in English. I study hard because I want to speak English fluently. My English lessons at school help me so much and make me happy. I’m always excited about them. I want to tell you about one that impressed me. It was about a week ago on Tuesday. The theme of the lesson was «The Modifying Adverbs. Chase». Our lesson began with teacher’s questions about our day, mood. I think it is a very cute tradition. Thеn we checked our home task (we had to write two exercises and to read the text). Our English teacher Svitlana Vasylivna helped those who had problems with it. Later she explained us a new material using different examples, stories. Everything was clear and simple to understand. We wrote some sentences to practice. We discussed modifying adverbs and there synonyms. We had to read an interesting adventure story at home. It was the story about a young anarchist who had stolen a tube with cholera bacillus. The text is written like a play and there are three characters in it. I study in the English group, it means that we learn the program harder and faster than other classmates. In the middle of the lesson we got an interesting task : to perform a play using modifying adverbs and the text from the homework. We formed groups and started to work. We had only ten minutes to prepare so we had to be focused. An important condition was to do everything creative and imaginative. There were four people in my group: Masha, Valery, Stas and me. We had a really cool idea: two girls (me and Valery) were men, Stas was a scientist’s wife and Masha was an author. We found some requisite and made sure that everything was OK. We played brilliantly and during our show Svitlana Vasylivna corrected mistakes and supported us. My group won of course, so we got good marks. Also we had a lot of fan and good experience. I like such creative tasks in English, because they are really cool and help us to understand the topic better. An the end of the lesson our teacher gave us the hometask (to read text on page 24 and exercise 1, 2, 3 page 24) and we made a conclusion. I like English lessons because there is lovely cute atmosphere that everybody enjoys it and we speak a lot. We do many interesting tasks and creative projects that bring us together.