конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Олеся Ритікова , конкурсна робота № 203.
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  • On the 24th of April, 2015 our class had an English demo-lesson. The theme was “A tour around London”. The aims were: - to revise and identify all learned material; - to form skills of correct pronunciation; - to consolidate knowledge about London’s sightseeings; - to intensify using of prepositions of movement and places; - to practice writing skills; - to practise skills for work in pairs and groups. So we started our lesson with greeting to the teacher and guests. We asked each other about our mood. The first, I’d like to notice a friendly attitude of our teacher to the students. Our teacher Liliia Mykolaiivna Hryschuk was calm and smiling. After involving into a foreign language atmosphere we had an exercise called “Microphone”. We answered the question “Is travelling good or bad? Why?” one by one but very quickly. To my mind, travelling is exciting because it broadens the mind, we discover a country or a city, meet new people, get a lot of impressions and improve our English. Despite the intensity of the process (the children didn’t sit a minute without a task, one kind of task changed the other one), the atmosphere of the lesson was not strained. It had a view of friendly communication. Then we revised all facts about London and checked our hometask. To rest a little bit I did a workout with my classmates. It refreshed our knowledge, as the exercise was connected with the prepositions of movement. Then was the most interesting moment of the lesson. We intensified the prepositions of places. With the help of the multimedia board we demonstrated hot to get from one place in London to another. To my mind, it was the hardest task, too. Then we watched a video about London and travelling by different kinds of transport. We were divided into three groups. Each group had a special task. At the end of the lesson our teacher said one very important wise phrase: “Don’t miss a chance, because it’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times”. I still remember it. The teacher was keeping the children’s attention all the lesson. Her English was phonetically attractive and fluent. All the marks, comments, tasks and commands in English were perceived by the children with the ease. During the lesson I formed and improved my skills. It shows that the lesson was effective. This lesson is one of my favourite ones. We learned a lot of useful information and intensified our skills. But most of all I liked the light, easy, relaxing and at the same time working atmosphere.