конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Марія Явоненко, конкурсна робота № 210.
  • Чернігівська загальноосвітня школа I-III ступенів № 29 Чернігівська область
  • My ideal English lesson Why I learn English so diligently? I have many reasons for this, such as it is an international language. From my point of view, language is a mirror of the nation’s soul and this is the most important reason for me. I reckon that foreign language can exchange your mind and worldview. It can tell the history of a nation and help to understand particular qualities of mentality. So I like to study English at school but one lesson I remember more than others. It was a perfect English lesson for me! The topic of the lesson was “The World of Wonders” started with warm greeting. From my point of view, atmosphere plays an important role in education, so atmosphere in this lesson was very friendly and developing. At the beginning of the lesson there was an interesting moment, when we guessed what means the date 18.04. Actually it was the day of historical and cultural monuments. This task develops erudition and desire to expand purview. In general, the topic of the lesson about trip motivated me to become a successful person, to travel around the world and learn a lot of new things. Motivation is also very important in modern lesson. Then we practiced the Passive Voice, when we made up sentences about ancient monuments. We remembered 7 Greatest World Wonders: where they were and who built them. As I think, grammar is very important in learning English, but sometimes it is not so much fun, that is why many students are not interested in. But at the lesson grammar tasks were really interesting and informative. After that was my favorite part-group work. Group work in the classroom helps students to express their views and to hear the views of other mates. I believe that the skills of communication are so important for our future. On how we are able to communicate and present our ideas in a team depends the success in the future. During the lesson our teacher was in the role of facilitator (coordinated our discussions) and sometimes she acted as a mentor (consulted in a certain topic) It seems to me that at the lesson there was the principle of partnership, I mean the teacher was our partner and supported. Our world is full of wonders and there are a lot of mysterious places. According to teachers prompts we should guess what place we were going to visit. At first we saw film about Easter Island and were impressed by huge statues, moai, and tragic story of ruined civilization. Than we travelled to Nazka desert which is in south-west of Peru. Those huge figures of birds, animals, people which can be seen from the air where really amazing. Then it was vocabulary work because we should to replenish our lexicon. We did it in pairs. One student had a sentence with a gap, the other had a word. So our task wast to make up full sentences, they where about buildings which can be found in modern cities. Also during the lesson we watched presentations about famous contemporary buildings all around the world, such as... We made up dialogues and played games «Guess fee Landmarks» and had lively discussion. At the end of the lesson the teacher asked us what places we would like to visit and why. It was amazing to hear the answers of all students. As well, I liked our homework given to the next lesson: to make a project about a landmark then we will join them together and have a guide book. As for me, the lesson was terrific! For many students such lesson was interesting because nobody was tired and everyone showed found a desire to learn English better. I realized again that it is important not only what to study but how to teach.