конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Денис Хавлук, конкурсна робота № 211.
  • Херсонський ЗНВК №11 Херсонська область
  • The best English lesson My name is Denys Khavluk. I study at School of Kherson and I’m a student of the ninth form. We have two English lessons a week: on Tuesday and Thursday. First of all I’d like to say that each of us has his own most important and memorable events during his life. And they stay with us forever, I believe. We keep them deep in our hearts and we can’t imagine our past, present and future life without them. As for me, it is learning English, of course. And now let me to say some words about my favourite school teacher. She teaches English. She was the first who introduced us to the wide world of the English language. And during all school years English is my favourite subject. We are lucky to have such a nice teacher of English, Larysa Stepanivna. Our English lessons are very interesting and instructive. Do you want to know what English lesson was the most unforgettable for me? As far as I remember it was on Tuesday. We had six lessons this day and English was the last one. And soon the lesson begins... The topic of the lesson was “London is the capital of England”. First of all we looked at the pictures on the board and answered a few questions to decide what we should do today. And I saw, we were going to talk about the sights of London. After short discussion we watched the video “A Tour around London”. Then we teamed up in 3 groups and the teacher gave us an assignment to name the places of interest in different parts of London (The City, The West End and The East End). Next activity was reading. It was a short text about London sights. We had to read the text individually and discuss it with our partners, then work in a poster giving information about the text (true/false statements, answer the questions). After reading we had to make “A Tour Guide” on our computers. As for me it was really funny and interesting to be a guide and tell about London sights. During the lesson we also played two games: “Guess” (we had to match pictures with the names of London sights) and “Playing Cards” (we had to make up sentences with the mixing parts of them). To the end of the lesson the teacher gave us homework to write emails to our friends about our imaginary tour around London. It was really so eventful and vivid lesson with a lot of different activities and exercises (role-playing, question – answer, individual work, pair work, group work, audio and video materials ). Then we all said “Good-bye” to our teacher. What I like best of all in our English lessons is the friendly atmosphere in the class.