конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Людмила Меша, конкурсна робота № 212.
  • Миколаївська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №61 Миколаївська область
  • Today English is the most important language in the world. It is obvious for me that our life is impossible without the process of communication. Education, travelling and business are fully connected with process of interaction between people. But, what should I do, if I want to improve my language skills? First of all, I think that the process of education may be very interesting because of the chance to work in a group of people who share the same idea as you do. Being a pupil of the 11th form I have a clear idea of situation on the world`s language area - the more languages you know, the more chances you have to find your proper way of life in the nearest future. I love my English lessons at school. I am very thankful to my English teacher Alina Fedorovna, she does her best motivating us to study hard and with pleasure. I want to tell you about our lesson. The topic was “Feelings and Emotions”. Can you imagine our life without our emotions? I can`t. Our emotions are the mirrors of our feelings. They may by positive, negative, neutral, but we can`t live without them. Emotion is a driving force of our behavior. But when you are young, it is the hardest thing to control what are you doing and how it influences on the other people. We started our lesson with the simple but important task – answered the question “How do you feel today?”. Was it important? Yes. I am sure. If you know the atmosphere in the classroom, you can try to change it in better way. Than we have watched the video “How do the emotions appear?” It was a great chance to see what mechanisms were working to rule our mind and body. Our brains are unique and really unpredictable. After that we had some time for the brainstorming work. We have made the diagram with the words that were associated with the word “emotion” in our mind. Later we discussed positive and negative emotions that we had and the way we could cope with them. Some ways we have found in the given text, another - were born in our consciousness. As the result we have made a list of ways to cope with emotions (decide to deal with your emotions as you have them; comfort your fears; enjoy a good laugh, cry out your pain, etc). We have done a lot of tasks during the lesson, but at the end of the lesson our teacher switched on a song. It was funny and joyful. It was unexpected, we did not have to work with this song. We just listened and enjoyed the moment. It created positive emotion for our working day. We appreciated such moment because our teacher thought not only about studying process, but also about our emotional condition.