конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Данило Жиляєв, конкурсна робота № 217.
  • Дем'янівська ЗОШ І-ІІ ступенів Херсонська область
  • My name is Zhylyayev Danylo. I am a pupil of the 5th form. I study at school of Demyanivka. My favourite subject is English. I know that many people in the world learn English. If you know this language well, you can understand people who live in other countries. You can have many pen-friends and write them letters. They can tell you about their traditions and school life. Learning English is interesting. You can listen to the cassettes, recite poems, sing songs, play games and read English books. I like topic about “Food”. The most of all I like the theme “Meals and cooking in Ukraine”. We started our lesson with phonetic drill: “Some of us like brown bread, Some of us like white, Some of us eat a lot of meat, Some don’t think it’s right. Some of us like apples, Some drink juice at night, Some of us eat many sweets, Some don’t think it’s right.” We checked on our homework. Mum: (1) ……. . Tom: Yes, I am very hungry and I’d like to eat something before having dinner. Mum: (2) …… . Tom: Yes, sure. What sandwich can you make? Mum: (3) ……. . Tom: I prefer a ham sandwich. Do we have all the ingredients: bread, ketchup, ham and pickles? Key: 1. Are you hungry, dear? 2. Can I make a sandwich for you? 3. Would you prefer a ham or tune sandwich? We also matched the words (e.g. mi + lk = milk). Then we found words in “Food crossword”. Such as borshch, holubtsi, pancakes and so on. Then we had a rest: “Stand up and look around, Shake your head and turn around. Stamp your feet upon the ground Clap your hands and then sit down!” We acted out the dialogue. And in the end of our lesson I had 10.