конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Аліна Кононченко, конкурсна робота № 219.
  • ЗОШ №35 Чернігівська область
  • My name is Alina Kononchenko. I am a pupil of the 10th grade and study at school №35 in Chernihiv. For me English lessons are not only the way to get knowledge. They are my world, where I feel comfortable, confident, because I listen, share my opinions, learn to write essays, find out something new about countries and characters of people. 45 minutes go insensibly and I get into the condition of expectation of the new English lesson. I am a high school student, so I can easily find the information, learn words and get ready for tests. But thousands of years ago humanity opened the profession of teacher and in the 21st century, age of technology, the dialogue between teacher and students is still actual. A teacher inspires us on learning new and unknown material, develops and brings up. Alla Victorivna, who is our teacher of English, is well-educated and always can find the right way to the heart of every pupil. I want to describe one of our lessons. The topic was “London and Kyiv – European cities”. The aim of our lesson was to describe and compare these cities, develop vocabulary, listening and speaking skills. At the beginning we were asked to think about right words-associations in order to describe town and people (ex. “town”: cosmopolitan, modern, old, historic; “people”: young, sociable, sophisticated). Then in each group of words, that were written on the poster, we had to find four adjectives that cannot go with the nouns (ex. “town”≠ capital, excited; “people”≠ crowded, long, antique). It was a good start of the lesson for us, because we had to remember a lot of words and try not to repeat. Alla Victorivna always uses a laptop and a projector to show presentations and videos in order to make our lessons more exciting and interactive. So, the next task was to watch the presentation about Kyiv and London in order to expand our knowledge about these cities. We were reading it one by one, describing photos on the screen (starting with ‘In the photo I can see…’ or ‘There are/is…in the photo’). The main things we read about were geographical position, population, historical places and sights. After this we got sheets of paper with the text. There were some gaps and our task was to fill in the missing words. I think this task makes us more confident in spelling. In order to prepare for the lesson I looked through some magazines and websites. I found an article by the British writer Leo Benedictus. He spent months interviewing the immigrant communities that give the city of London its vitality. I prepared the presentation based on the article and showed it the class. After this I asked some questions. Our teacher suggested us to talk about differences in characters of Londoners (the information from the presentation) and Ukrainians (own opinions based on what we see every day). This was a good conversational work. I really enjoy speaking tasks because we work in pairs, make up dialogues and listen to each other. Teachers always teach us to respect each other’s opinions. The final part of our lesson was to complete the table. We had to compare London and Kyiv writing common and different things about them. There were three columns: two of them – for special features of each city; the middle one – for common characteristic. It was a nice conclusion. At the beginning of the lesson we had aims and at the end we had results. I found out a lot of new information, enriched my vocabulary and developed my speaking skills. Alla Victorivna was satisfied with our work and we were thankful for the atmosphere in the classroom during the 45-minutes-journey to the world of English. Effective learning is the main thing after effective teaching. That’s why I try to do everything necessary to learn and remember all the information given to us by the teachers. Our knowledge after every lesson gives us opportunities to produce language actively and confidently.