конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Данило Піта, конкурсна робота № 225.
  • ЗОШ №5 ім. Р. К. Рапія Сумська область
  • English is very important subject as it has become the most used language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations in the world. It is also the language of great literature. Such writers as William Shakespeare, Walter Scott, Charles Dickens and Bernard Shaw wrote in English. English is an official language in USA, United Kingdom and one of the official in Canada, Irish Republic. Half of the world’s scientific literature in English. It is the language of computer technology. I have begun to learn English in the first form. I began with the alphabet, simple words and now I have already practically learned the English grammar. But I have a one problem in my studying. I can't speak English so far. I think this problem, with time, will disappear. It was one of the best lessons, when we studied an education system. I speak "One of the best" because each lesson of English is good, I receive the biggest treasure in our world — knowledge. At this lesson, fortunately, we had a multimedia board and the teacher could confirm the words with images. The lesson has begun with a greeting. Our teacher has asked us how did we spent days off, what we can tell him interesting. We, as usual, at the beginning of a lesson have done several grammatical exercises, and further our teacher told us about an education system in the English-speaking countries, in English, of course. Let’s I tell you someone. In Great Britain children begin to go to school at the age of five. First they study at infant schools. At the age of seven English schoolchildren go to junior schools. They do many subjects: English and Maths, History and Music, Natural History and Drawing, Handicrafts, French and Latin. They do not go to school as early as we do, but they stay there longer. Junior school ends at the age of 11 when pupils take the Eleven Plus examination and then secondary school begins. At the age of 16 schoolchildren take their exams. Only 45 per cent continue with full-time education after 16. The American system of school education differs from the systems in other countries. There are state public schools, private elementary schools and private secondary schools. Elementary education begins at the age of six or seven, when a child goes to the first grade (form). At the age of sixteen schoolchildren leave the elementary school and may continue their education at one of the secondary schools or high schools, as they call them. The programme of studies in the elementary school includes English, Arithmetic, Geography, History of the USA, Natural Sciences and, besides, Physical Training, Singing, Drawing, Wood or Metal Work, etc. After graduating from secondary schools a growing number of Americans go on to higher education. The National Government gives no direct financial aid to the institutions of higher education. Students must pay tuition free. In the other English-speaking countries the education system are similar for this. That pupils weren't tired of a constant flow of information, our teacher sometimes told short but interesting stories or jokes. To my mind, it is vary important part of any lesson. The pupil has to remember information taken from a lesson, and that to remember it, it must be pleasant for pupil. Nobody will do or learn that, that won't be pleasant or interesting to him. Therefore, the most important part of teacher’s activity — to interest pupil. Then we discussed different subjects, it was not only the topic of the lesson. It of course, very difficult to speak English, especially for pupils who didn't learn language earlier. This lesson was very interesting. I took a lot of information.