конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Яна Фролова, конкурсна робота № 226.
  • Херсонська спеціалізована школа І-ІІІ ступенів №52 з поглибленим вивченням української мови Херсонська область
  • My favourite English lesson Foreign languages are very important in our life. We use Spanish , French, English and so on. But the language of business , culture and tourism is English , so the time that we spend learning is precious. The lessons of foreign languages give us a lot of useful information. We learn how to spell words, talk to people, behave, greet, write letters and many other things. We have two English lessons a week. The first is on Monday, and the second is on Tuesday. I think it’s not enough. To master the languages one should improve the knowledge and find time for developing all necessary skills. There are many ways to do it. We can listen to foreign songs, watch films in English and read books. But we need guidance. That’s why the school is essential. I find my English lessons very energetic, informative, useful and entertaining. My teacher of English is Miss Maksymenko. She is funny , talkative , artistic, clever and kind. I like her lessons very much. I usually look forward Monday and Thursdays. There are 15 pupils in our group. Our teacher always finds time for each of us. If we have questions she gladly answers them. We have our lessons in a special English classroom. It is spacious, new, light and well-equipped. There are 15 desks, many flower pots on the window-skills, nice curtains. There is a portrait of our Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko hanging above the blackboard. Behind us there is a huge poster of London. There is a TV-set near the blackboard. We usually watch short films in English. We don’t always understand everything but we try. We also have a projector in our classroom. We use it when we have presentations to show. Our projector is connected with the computer. Everything we do on the computer can be seen on our interactive board. Every day the pupil on duty cleans the blackboard, washes the floor, waters the flowers, washes the desks, takes the trash out. He also washes the sponges we wash the blackboard with. He also has to bring several pieces of chalk every day. Our classroom is light because we have nice new wallpapers. The atmosphere is cosy. We feel ourselves at home. Our school became our new home. We like to come and greet our teachers and classmates. Each day we spend at school makes us more clever, educated, calm, well-behaved and creative. My favourite subject is English. I like this lesson because of our teacher and her teaching approach. I can name several topics I liked the most but my favourite one is Holidays. We had this topic when I was in the seventh form. We studied the traditions of English and Ukrainian people. We also discussed our family traditions. It was interesting to know the way my classmates spend their holidays. I found out that almost the whole class prefers summer holidays. They can go to the beach, swim, go fishing, go to the forest and pick mushrooms and berries. In summer they go out with friends, play games, have rest and read books. Some of my classmates like winter holidays. They look forward going to the mountains. They go skiing, ice-skating, snow-boarding and build snow castles. They throw snowballs, go sledging and build snowmen. But all of us get tired of having rest. And all of my classmates are very glad to come back to school and see each other. We always begin the lesson greeting each other. Our teacher says, ‘Good Morning!,’ ‘How do you do?,’ ‘Who is absent today?’ and so on. And we answer her. As a rule, everybody is present. So everybody was present that time, too. We entered the classroom, took our seats, took our books and copybooks out of our bags, put them on the desks and got ready for the lesson. Miss Natalya came in time and started the lesson. She showed us pictures, we discussed them and proved our points about holidays. Then she offered to watch a film about interesting places in the USA. It took us 15 minutes. We learnt about places of sightseeing, traditions and decorations in America and England. We put down many new words. We improved our reading skills and pronounced them all together. As always we checked our home task and Miss Maksymenko gave us notes. We made several, exercises, read text, made our own examples and shared our opinions about celebrating different holidays. In conclusion we got our home task. I think it was the best English lessons I’ve ever had!