конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анастасія Кольца, конкурсна робота № 227.
  • Підгірненський НВК Одеська область
  • My name is Anastasia. I '13 .I learning from 8th grade .In school we study many subjects. English is one of my favorite subjects. Now the English language - the language of culture, politics, and international relations. You also can not forget the fact that English is the language of great literature. We have English lessons twice a tyzhden.Na this tutorial we learn to speak English .We are studying pronunciation, grammar, enrich vocabulary .We are exploring many poems and songs. We read texts, listen to conversational English in different cassettes. In the classroom we have a good conversation practice .We discuss various topics put questions on the topic and reply to them, make up stories and dialogues do many exercises .Inodi we participate in various contests and games .They are very interesting. Twice a month we have a lesson home reading. In this lesson we talk about what we read and discuss interesting episodes of our books. I am very fluent in English. But there are some students in the class who can not cope with all the requirements properly. They can well understand English, and it is difficult to speak and write the language. I love English lessons.