конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Аліна Гнатюк , конкурсна робота № 232.
  • Микитицька ЗОЩ I-II ступенів Рівненська область
  • I`m Alina. And I`m a pupil of the 7th form. I want to tell you that English is not only my favourite subject but also the aim of my life. I really like my Mykytychi school And just want to say That`s where I spend Most of my day. Different teachers, Different subjects, Different tasks to do! But with pleasure we go there Find something new! Twice a week I have the best – English lessons! It`s my rest! My desire learn and study New vocabulary, grammar, Useful topics and so on … Develops my memory, Skills and attention. The previous unit We carefully studied Was very important for me! Cause I want to be A professional doctor “Healthy hidglights” Are exactly needed for this! Many methods and ways On the lessons we use But my favourite are “Brains attack” and interviews, Working in groups, playing games. Our teacher always Gives us a chance To develop and grow. Her approach is plain Her relation is friendly We never feel bored On the English lessons!