конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Дар'я Сащенко, конкурсна робота № 233.
  • ХЗНВК №11 Херсонська область
  • I am a pupil of the sixth form. I study at school 11 in Kherson. The pupils of our school learn different languages: Ukrainian, English and Polish. I learn English. It’s my favorite subject. English is very important as it has become the most used language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations in the world. It is also the language of great literature. Such writers as William Shakespeare, Walter Scott, Charles Dickens and Bernard Shaw wrote in English. It gives me great pleasure to read their books in the original. I learn English at school. I also read English books, magazines and newspapers. I watch video films and listen to songs in English. I have a Walkman, so I often listen to songs or teaching cassettes when walking or in the local transport. I write new words on little cards and look them through every evening before going to sleep. I have my English three times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I take my English textbook, vocabulary and exercise-book and go to my English lesson. The bell rings and the teacher and the pupils come into the classroom. We sit down at our tables, open our textbooks and the lesson begins. We usually start it by pronouncing different words and sounds. Then we are usually invited to the blackboard by the teacher and Olha Vasylivna asks us the words we were to teach by heart. After that we usually do some exercises from the textbook. These exercises teach us to ask questions, or how to make negative sentences and so on. Then, using tests in our exercise-books, we usually write spelling, two tests and a quiz. During the lesson we speak mostly English, but sometimes, when the students don’t understand the teacher or the task in the textbook, we start speaking Ukrainian. During the lesson we listen to the tape recorder, ask each other questions and speak out on what we have heard. Sometimes it is a story, sometimes it is a dialogue or a conversation. They are not very long but they are always very interesting. We speak English a lot, but we also read texts from our textbook. During the lesson we also write sentences on the blackboard, learn grammar rules and do exercises. Twice a month we have our home reading lesson. At this lesson we speak about what we have read and discuss interesting episodes from our book. I never get bad marks in my English because I always prepare my homework well. Last year we had a very interesting and remarkable lesson. The topic was “You and Your Friends”. At the lessons we had a good oral practice. We discussed about real friends and a friendship, asked questions on a given topic and answered them, made up stories and dialogues, acted out the tale “ Crane and Fox”, did a lot of grammar exercises. We learnt many poems and songs, read texts, listened to spoken English on different cassets. We watched the video on the computer. It was amazing. At our English lessons we also like to roleplay different situations. Everybody takes part in the work because it’s interesting. When we don’t know some words, Olha Vasylivna helps us. We aren’t afraid of making mistakes because she doesn’t criticize us for them. I like when my teacher corrects my mistakes, I try not to repeat them again. But when the teacher corrects while I am speaking that’s bad because this interrupts and I forget what I wanted to say. I like pair work very much! Practicing speaking is more important, I suppose. This helps a lot when we want to be able to speak in different situations. I like when we can without the teacher hearing us. I hate dictionary work and translation… This is too boring, but I understand that we need it, so we must do it. I like atmosphere at our lesson and that we smile and laugh a lot. I love such activities as singing songs, playing games, watching movies, acting out English plays. This reminds us that it is not all hard work, it can be fun as well. Group projects are great. They are very interesting. We also listen to news in English and different audio recordings. As for the teacher, our teacher is great! We love her. She is strict sometimes but this is good for our discipline. And I also like that we exchange ideas. If she is not sure in her answer she tells us that she will go and check and tell us tomorrow. That’s also great. I think we are very lucky to have her as our teacher of English. I like my English lessons very much and come to them with joy. I hope that in the future I’ll speak English fluently!