конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Сніжана Кундюба, конкурсна робота № 235.
  • Носівська районна гімназія Чернігівська область
  • Конкурс “English Speaking” Snizhana Kundiuba Grade 9 Nosivka District Gymnasium Chernihiv Region It was really a great lesson of English! We anticipated the one to come sooner because we were sure that it would be an extraordinary lesson (they are always unique, interesting, cognitive, and are green in my memory for long). Now when I recall the moments of the lesson I smile. That was a class about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II dedicated to her 90th birthday celebration. The lesson was conducted by Zoya Dmytrivna Pukha, our teacher of English, on April 21, 2016, last spring, and the theme of the one was “Britain. Traditions. The Queen is 90!” The atmosphere of the class was unbelievably positive, we were not scared because of the number of observers, teachers of English, for the huge pre lesson work had been done and that made us feel quite confident and interested how the class would go what new we would learn. At the beginning of the lesson our teacher encouraged our collaboration when we said compliments to each other (we looked not usual that day: the girls were wearing holiday dresses and the boys were wearing bow ties, not uniforms, Artem even was wearing a tall hat!). In fact it’s not a big deal to do that but it always makes you smile saying “You’re fantastic/ smart / exceptional today!” “A good beginning is half a battle“, they say, so I felt awesome indeed! Before the class we had learned a lot of information on our own when surfing the net. Our teacher supplied us with reliable sites where we were able to find information about the Queen and her family. So the task to sequence the four names and to shape the full name of the Queen was not a difficult one. Now I know. It’s Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. In our classes of English we follow the Whole Brain Teaching Rules. So, that lesson was not an exception and we refreshed the rules (using gestures). The rules are: Rule #1 Follow directions quickly! Rule #2 Raise your hand for permission to speak! Rule #3 Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat! Rule #4 Make smart choices! Rule #5 make your dear teacher happy! (I’m sure our teacher was really very happy because everything went well in class and that is because I’m writing about the lesson at the moment). We knew that Queen Elizabeth II loved hats and we had been asked by the teacher to prepare the hats as if headbands but to model them at real hats of the Queen. But we never knew what for the hats would be used in class. It was a surprise but a little bit later. The first surprise in the class was a video with a number of pictures of the Queen wearing different colour hats. The task was for our brains to remember the sequence of the colours of the hats and their total number. We did that! We know a lot of colour shades, after the class I remembered new word beige. The teacher located three beautiful photos of the Queen in the classroom and we had to describe Her Majesty in details: her hat with decorations, her handbag, her coat, suit or a dress, the necklace she was wearing in the picture and in the end of our description we wished the Queen many happy returns. We did that! Me too! It was not in vain that we had picked up on our own as much as possible information about the royal family because the next activity was to answer a lot of questions and to complete the form about the Queen. I’m happy to memorize that Elizabeth II has been the Queen for 63years! Another fact we learned in the class was also a surprise: the Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays (on April 21 and on one of Saturdays in June). We learned that King Edward VII, the eldest son of Victoria, who was born on 9 November 1841 (a chilly month in Britain to mark a birthday), was the first to mark his official birthday on a certain day in May or June. So, every year Elizabeth II marks her birthday twice – her actual birthday on 21 April and official birthday in June. In summer I learned that during official celebration at Trooping the Colour Parade the Queen was dressed in a vivid lime green coat and a matching hat was escorted down the Mall in a horse-drawn carriage to the ceremony at Horse Guards Parade. The class helped me to understand how difficult it is to be the Queen: to be Head of State, Head of the Armed Forces, Head of Church of England! Now I know that she lives in her famous houses: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle, and Sandringham House. But the greatest surprise during the class was Royal Horse Show – Royal Ascot – 5 days race meeting traditionally attended by royal family and 300,00 visitors. The text about the event was introduced in class and we learned that the first races took place in 1710 (when Queen Anne reigned in Britain). I remember that every day of the event starts with the Royal Procession. What is really important that there is a strict dress code of those who are close to royalty: a female day dress and a hat for ladies and a black or gray dress with a tailcoat and a top hat for gentlemen? On Thursday is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. Usually ladies wear enchanting hats and everyone is waiting for the colour of the hat of the Queen on Ladies Day. At the lesson at last we understood why we had made the hats for. Our teacher helped us to shape the atmosphere of Ladies Day and we acted out our dialogues as if watching the people from the royal family. We gossiped about members of the family imagining the dresses and the hats they were wearing. We never felt bored in the class and were not embarrassed because of the visitors, we lived in a fascinated atmosphere of traditions travelling in time and in space. The classroom was a stage of our lives. The lesson inspired me to follow the Royal Ascot events on 16 June 2016 and now I know that on Ladies Day Elizabeth II was wearing an elegant orange hat and royal blue coat. A lot of fascinated hats on the day! But the Queen was the best dressed lady of them all! At Royal Ascot 2016 Gold Cup was being run in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. What is a birthday without fireworks? We had! We formed a circle and we were asked to greet the Queen with her 90th birthday and the teacher pore tiny many coloured butterflies on our heads one more surprise and a gratitude for our collaboration. Besides everyone was presented a small picture of Queen Elizabeth II with her signature as a pleasant memory about the class but not only the picture that means : the teacher who organized the activities , who inspired everybody, who made us feel that the whole world may be located in one classroom and we may become a part of it. The things I love in class: • Positive atmosphere/ we smiled and enjoyed • Teacher – students collaboration/ the teacher pushed us to work together and think critically, to explore something new • Teacher being a friend , a team member, a resource, a person who inspires, a facilitator • A lot of activities that let our brains work and we were never bored • Language environment/ we spoke only English • Cultural colouring / we learned much in class and that was only a beginning because most of us followed the royal events during summer • Socializing, simulating and role playing / that helped us to use the language not only as a target but as a tool Everything I remember is because of our dedicated teacher Honoured Teacher of Ukraine Zoya Dmytrivna Pukha whom I’m very grateful for English and my love to it.