конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Катерина Богун, конкурсна робота № 24.
  • Загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №3- колегіум м. Сміла Черкаська область
  • Essay The best English lesson Topic: British Schools By Kateryna Bogun, the student of the 8^th form Smila Secondary School #3 kolegium We actually learn life lessons every day. Some of them are good and others not. Still, only the best one will stay in our mind forever. All our English lessons are wonderful. They are all different and every lesson our teacher does her best for us to understand the way how the language works. Every next lesson I realize that I learned a little bit more. It is difficult to write about the only lesson I consider to be the best one, so I would like to tell about my English lesson we recently had, because it was really interesting. The topic of our lesson was Schools in Britain. During that lesson there were lots of moments when something just clicked for me. And those moments brought me to a deeper understanding of educational system in Britain. We did not do any grammar exercises instead we spoke a lot. At the beginning we had to create a map of Great Britain using Smart Board and guess the number of schools in each part. Our team won, by the way. Our teacher always finds different videos for us to watch discuss. We usually watch British Council videos but during our last lesson we watched and TED talks video, which was a little bit difficult as there were some new words. Anyway, we have got the idea. After watching the video we worked in groups and pairs discussing different situations, answering questions. What I really loved about our last lesson is playing different games at the beginning or at the end of the lesson. My favorite is "Picture this". We had two teams and a representative of each had to show what he saw on the card. The only thing we knew is that the topic was British schools, so it was interesting and very funny to guess what was shown. Besides, playing “Picture this” during the lesson we learned new words and phrases. Actually, we also had writing activities, which were easy to do. Because we had templates and a plan. That is why writing was not difficult at all. What is more, we all have created Edmodo class, where we shared our ideas about future projects, using our smart phones, which we will do in the end of the module. Also, we agreed to submit our homework there. I believe, we are lucky to have such teacher as we have. She is ready to help any time. I can address or email her with any question and I am 100% sure she will help me. There are so many new things I learned during that English lesson. Quite enough to appreciate and apply them. So, I do believe that I can benefit using information I have learned.