конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Кирил Мироненко, конкурсна робота № 241.
  • Перша міська гімназія Черкаська область
  • Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Cyril and I want to tell about my imaginable “Lesson of the Dream”. At the first I think that lesson should consist of 2 main components: it must be helpful and informative and at once not boring, exiting and interesting for pupils. And now I would like to show the example - one of our English lessons: The bell has gone and we enter the classroom, we greet our teacher and each other with a chant with movements 'Hello, neighbour!'. Then we have a little chat with each other - we tell about our mood on this day and give complements to each other and our teacher. After that Ms. Julia asks us to look beneath our desks - there are holiday postcards there. We name the holidays and the dates when we celebrate them. Then we watch a presentation about Ukrainian holidays. But as we are studying English we learn about holidays of English-speaking countries and compare them with Ukrainian ones. In pairs we discuss the best way of celebrating this or that holiday and tell about it to our classmates and the teacher. Now we should guess the holiday by its symbols. It's a funny game because some of our answers are so unpredictable! Then we are divided into two groups: pupils of every group chose a card with a holiday name and has to congratulate someone from another team on this holiday and wish him or her something. My choise is St.Valentines Day and I am pleased to congratulate my classmate Eva on this day. In February I will do it one more time. Now Ms.Julia asks us diggerent riddles about holidays and we should anwer them and complete the chart. My team has more points! We are the winners today! But tomorrow another group can win, so pupils don’t get upset. There is no celebration without singing a good and merry song. So we sing and dance a 'Happy Holiday' song. We all have fun while singing! But we have friends in Spain, why not to sign them a poster on coming holiday! Let's do it all together and then we send it by regular mail to Spain. Our warm wishes reach our friends soon. Oh, it's time to say goodbye. We haven't noticed that the lesson is over. We are looking forward to our next English lesson and it's awesome it will be tomorrow!