конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Валерія Гуда, конкурсна робота № 243.
  • Доманівський районний навчально-виховний комплекс "Доманівська загальноосвітня школа 1-111 ступенів 1 -Центр дитячої та юнацької творчості" Миколаївська область
  • My English lessons!!! They are always interesting. They are always different. They are always exciting and of course useful. I love English. It is the most beautiful and widespread language. My dream is to go to London and I want to know English better. That’s why I look forward for my English lessons. I come into my English study with great interest and admiration, because our teacher, Larysa Mykolaivna always prepares something interesting for us. She understands that game is the queen of childhood and without games the life is not interesting for children. Our teacher connects the education with interesting facts and with game moments. At the lessons we get much information about the famous English holidays, customs and traditions of English speaking countries. I think that studying English without knowing the traditions of England is nonsense. I would like to tell you about one of the most interesting English lesson for me. It was the lesson about the famous holiday “Thanksgiving Day”. Our teacher started the lesson with greetings and creating positive atmosphere. “There is always something to be thankful for”. These words were the motto of our lesson. Then we read the words connected with the holiday and listened the information about “Thanksgiving Day”, watched video and learnt poems. Our teacher proposed us to make a “Thankful tree”. All my classmates wrote the words of thanks on the leaves and then we pinned them up on the tree. We were asked to draw the pictures of a turkey, the symbol of the holiday. Each of us showed our pictures of funny turkeys to the class mates and smiled. Our teacher was greatly impressed by our imagination and told that we are talented. All the pupils were happy to sing a song “Five little turkeys”. It was funny. By the end of the lesson we were surprised to find out how many new words and new information we had learnt. We understood that we must be thankful for our life, our parents, our friends, the sun and the sky, for what we have. We finished our lesson with such phrases. Be thankful for: Nights, that turned into mornings; Friends, that turned into family; Dreams, that turned into reality And likes that turned into love. It goes without saying, that this lesson will be remembered. I am just wondering what the next lesson will be. With best wishes the student of the 6th form of Teaching Educational Complex of Domanivka Valeria Guda.