конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Гунель Мамедова, конкурсна робота № 244.
  • НВК Смолянинівська ЗОШ І-ІІІ ст. - ДНЗ Луганська область
  • In today’s world it’s quite important to know English language. It’s a language of communication, television, business and science.English learning starts in school. It’s very clear that people should start this hard process of learning from the young age. It’s true that modern generation is very gifted and capable. The using of computer technologies and different descriptive material helps us to know English better and it’s essential now. Let us start by considering pros and cons of it. The first thing that need to say that computer technologies help to improve the efficiency and quality of education and focus on modern learning objectives. The second reason to use them is making the lessons memorable and emotional. What is more, it facilitates the work of teachers. One cannot deny that it’s very interesting and exciting to look at colorful presentations, projects and movies. Besides, it’s really unusual and associative. However, we also agree that this type of lesson can be hard and unusual for pupils who don’t have high level of knowledge in this subject or got some problems in using computer gadgets.Moreover, when we have such type a lesson like this, we often face the problem that all the students’ attention goes to the colorfulness of décor but not to its content. According to some experts,in modern conditions the main task of education is not only receiving a certain amount of knowledge of students, but also the formation of their abilities and skills of independent learning. Experience has shown that students, who are actively working with the computer, generated a higher level of self-education skills, abilities to navigate the turbulent flow of information, the ability to allocate the main thing. Therefore it is very important the role of the teacher in the disclosure of the possibility of new computer technologies. To prove that we want to tell about the perfect English lesson we ever have. That was a project lesson, where pupils made some presentations for different topics, such as: «Sport», «My family» etc. This lesson got a lot of novelty, clarity and brilliance. Each student made a nice presentation of certain topic and expressed all his creativity and imagination. At the lesson there were a high activity of students, attention to the submitted information and creative expression of each student. We cannot ignore the fact that this lesson was one of the most successful in our studying and all the pupils enthusiastically want to repeat this experience. I like very much when I am at the English lessons especialy I like reading, speaking, listening and writing. Thus we increase our vocabulary and imrove our pronunciation . When we get tired at the classroom English lessons our teacher conducts psychological training. Duaring this training, we draw answer questions, etc. Allah of these are very interesting becouse for oneside it is relax and other. Psychological training helps we to relax, ecen imroves our mood. After that we continue to work at the lesson. The lesson must be conducted by a really good teacher who uses up to date programmes and modern literature. Because the teacher should help the students to explain what we have made a mistake. I believe that the lesson of the English language should teach only in English, so that the lesson was not only informative, but also entertaining. It would be very interesting if we were given to disscuseing , some short, and after the film to answer the questions posed by the teacher. In conclusion, we can say although we had a lot of exercises to manage with, we were absolutely excited with the results we had after this. Everyone gots a unique chance to present his own ideas and creativity through the computer technologies. We hoped that we will have lots of project lessons in future where everyone can show out his personality, intelligence and soleness.