конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анастасія Урбанська, конкурсна робота № 251.
  • Миколаївська загальноосвітня школа №52 Миколаївська область
  • My name is Nasya and I study at school, 9th grade. My favourite subject is, the English language, because this language is my ticket into the future. Our teacher Galyna Mykolayivna teaches us very well. Each lesson is very interesting. I think she is one of the most orignal of all teachers of our school. For example I really liked the last lesson devoted to TV. During the lessons we learn new words, talk to the teacher about our favourite shows and channels. We learn a lot about each other. As we work in pairs and ask and answer about our favourite TV program. We read and translate texts about other people's preferences and even write stories about themselves. My favourite part of the lesson was to check the homework, because we were asked to do some very interesting projects. and we even introduced out programmes that would like to see on TV. I think this is very evolve the powers of mind, because we learn to express our opinion in English. At the lessons we organize debates and express our thoughts about the harm and denefit of watching TV. Using a very interesting text "TV mozaic" we learned about the people who were involved in that world. It was comfortable and interesting at the lesson. We learned about the directors, camera operators, sound engineers, presenters, vision managers, production secretaries. We learned about TV in Britain about the BBC channel, different programs types of in Britain. I love the English language and want to know this language quite well.