конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Аліна Тихоновська, конкурсна робота № 258.
  • Носівська районна гімназія Чернігівська область
  • My name is Alina. I am a student of 11th grade at the school I attend. Also I am in my mid teens right now, so I can be considered fuly formed personality with my own desicions and mistakes to make. A huge part of the reason I became the person who I am belongs to the school, to my teachers and the lessons they have taught me. I am noy exactly studing in the big school but smal educational establishments have their own merits. For one, it is nice to be well acquainted with almost everyone at the school. Also, being familiar with each other helps with the educational process. As an example I would like to write about my English classes which I have a pleasure to attend three times a week. English classes are close to the most popular among the children lessons most likely due to the creative activity and long years of teaching experience of our teachers. All the English lessons I was present at were memorable and consisted of various activities that actually helped my peers and me not only to learn the language but also lots of other sciences. The good thing about English lessons is that the topic of each is somehow connected to the every aspect of the modern society's life and with ours lives in particular. As exciting and colourful lessons we had the most memorable to me is the one that was held by american guests two weeks ago, on Friday. We were excited and nervous as well that day. I remember clearly entering English classroom that was covered in pupil's handmade paper, tissue and wood works, knitted flags and colourful headdresses. Tables and work sits were neatly rearranged in the three circles. Introduction was an important part of the lesson. It helped a lot to make us all feel lighter and more open. Next thing our theachers asked us to name a household chores women and men are supposed to do. Then we were intoduced to the new vocabulary words and its definitions. We worked in groups working on the tasks given to us and exchanged our own experiences about chores we and our family do about home. We were perfoming little act to shaw how did we understand new word and their meanings. In the end of the lesson we watched short cartoon video about gender roles and gender stereotypes. As a homework every one of us has gotten a card with the picture of the famous women who made little sociall revolutions by proclaiming gender equality in the different centuries of the history. That was indeed memorable and efficient lesson because we were talking about things we deal in our everyday lives.